Where did you/are you getting alterations?

Hi Ladies!  Just wondering where everyone is planning to or already had alterations?  I checked the recommended vendor list... and may check some out.. but was hoping for any other suggestions! 
I had an appointment for this Saturday at Davids Bridal in Robinson (which I made weeks ago).  They left a voicemail earlier today confirming.. and just left me another voicemail that they have to reschedule for either Tuesday or Thursday next week or Saturday, September 3rd.  Unfortunately, my dad will be taking me for alterations and he lives over an hour away so a Tuesday or Thursday will not work for either of us.  And, I already have plans for September 3rd.  And, honestly.. since they called 2 days before my appointment to reschedule.. I'd prefer to just go elsewhere.  I also heard they can be a little expensive for minimal alterations. 
Any thoughts on what alterations should cost, too?  I just need a bustle added (there is barely a train), and I think I'll need it taken in a bit (nothing major..). 
Thanks in advance!!
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Re: Where did you/are you getting alterations?

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    I am using a family friend of my DF's parents who contracts through Exquisite Bride in Monroeville.  I will have my final fitting Labor Day weekend, but what she did for the bustle looks absolutely gorgeous!  Her fee for bustles is $85.  This was also the same price quoted for the bustle by another person who started my dress and then was incapable of doing the bustle.  IMO, this seemed reasonable, but I also have a lot of fabric on my train. 

    Hopefully some others can chime in for suggestions.  I remember a post about a good seamstress.  Good luck figuring it out!
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    I searched some old posts about alterations.  I tried Clarissa's Boutique in South Side, unfortunately.. the wedding date is too close for them to do it.  (Bummer, they sounded awesome...)

    I made an appointment at Sewing Suite in Sewickley for tomorrow.  She seemed great on the phone.  Anyone have any reviews?

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