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We just got married not even two weeks ago.  The week before the wedding we were pretty busy so we didn't cook as often as we usually do plus we weren't working out as much.  The week of the wedding was the same.. plus there were family and friends that came in from out of town so there was lots to eat and lots of booze.  Then the week after the wedding we were just plain old lazy and couldn't get back into things right away.  My husband has definitely put on at least 10-15 lbs, I can see it and he told me his clothes feel very tight.  The thing is, he pulls me down with him!  I was all set to go to the 5:00 class at my gym but he came home from work and just wanted to snuggle and relax.  Now he fell asleep in the bed and I am mad I missed my class.  

I was really trying to motivate him, but it just wasn't working.  He is already a bigger guy and I don't want him to get used to eating like crap and not working out as much.  I just want him to snap out of it because we totally feed off of each other when it comes to diet and exercise.  Thoughts?!

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  • My thought is don't use him as an excuse. Just go to the gym when you want to go to the gym, once he sees you're truly motivated chances are he will start to become more active as well....and if not, at least you're getting healthy.

    My DH would definitely never go to the gym on his own just because, but he sees me going to the gym 3-4 times a week and every once in a while he will decide to come with me just to spend time with me.
  • I agree. You can't control others you can only control yourself. Motivate yourself first. The best teacher is a good model.
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  • Great advice!!  Thanks :)
  • Agreed. my husband and I used to work out together, but when he didn't want to, it meant I didn't. 
    Now I go every day, and it's really motivated him because he sees how determined I am, as well as results and how GREAT I feel. And on those days that he really isn't in the mood he looks at me, hangs his head with a sigh, and says, "dang it.. I know i need to.." 
    hahaha :) 
  • He has to want to do it himself. You need to get yourself there and take care of you. I know that it's hard to resist the snuggles!

    My ex husband is also a bigger man, and I was at my biggest when I was with him. We didn't eat well and we did little activity, I decided to make a change, and am living a much healthier lifestyle, while he is even larger than he was and living the same sedentary lifestyle. Honestly it scares me that he won't be around to see our kids grow up (they're 12 and 9 now), but it has to be his choice.

    My FI isn't as active as me, but is much more active than my ex, and we enjoy hiking and snowmobiling together. I do my workouts without him, but we still enjoy walks/hikes etc together. I also think that it's nice to have my workout time as 'me' time - just me and the embarrassing music on my iPod!

    If your husband wants to do it, he will. You keep plugging away and I'm betting that before long he'll be back at it again.
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