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anybody know of any good makeup artists in el paso, tx? specifically ones who do airbrush application? i've looked into some of the major salons (barragans, foliage, westend, etc.) and while they're not too terribly priced, i'm a little on the fence because of some of the reviews these places have gotten. anybody gone there for any type of service? how was it? i really want to try airbrush makeup, but have no idea where to start. thanks! :)

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    Did you ever find anyone?  I am in the same predicament you are...it's hard to find them in EP!
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    Hello Ladies!

    I stumbled across your question regarding your search for professional make up airbrushing services needed for either bridal events or any other special events in which you would like to have professional make up services available to you in the el paso texas area. I did notice however that this questioning for airbrushing make up services was posted quite a while ago and chances are that your no longer in need of these services but I still wanted to reply with information requested for professional airbrushing make up services for anyone else located in the el paso texas area who may also be seeking the same services for their future special events.

    Firstly I'd like to introduce myself for those reading my reply regarding professional airbrushing make up services. My name is Jen and I am licensed beautician with over ten years of experience in all fields of beauty services. I studied at one of the highest credential cosmetology institutes in the country. I was born and raised in Philadelphia and always had a dream for as long as I could remember to become a beautician. Unlike most children who dreamt of becoming a doctor when they grew up I had my sights set on working in the fields of beauty care. Hence, in having such a strong desire in pursuing a career in beauty I followed my dreams by enrolling in the one the country's best cosmology schools where I studied all beauty services profession obtaining my license in New Jersey from Rizzieri school for beauty. After receiving my license to practice beauty services, I decided to further my education for beauty care by enrolling in additional classes which specialized in the best services a beautician could offer her clients for the specific additional classes I had taken. Therefore aside being licensed with over ten years experience in beauty services I also am qualified to offer specialty beauty care that many other stylists are unable to provide due to their limited licensing and areas studied.

    I offer beauty services in every field of beauty imaginable. Including hair services the basics of cut style color highlighting lowlighting custom styles that salons don't offer such as coloring a clients hair naturally black to a much lighter color even capable of providing a client with naturally black hair as light as platinum blonde with absolutely no brassy tones. I also specialize in several techniques in applying hair extensions. Many of my techniques offered in applying hair extensions most clients and stylist locally I find have never heard of such techniques offered by me in extensions services. I offer nail services all the basics of spa manicures, spa pedicures, acrylic nails, solar nails, silk wrap, custom and unique nail art and designing including 3D art, free hand designing, photo nails which is hard to explain its much easier to personally see my work in which I'll provide a link to my facebook for those interested in viewing my portfolio of services. I also specialize in aqua nails another unique nail designing hard to explain but a must see. I offer spa facials, only using the best quality products. Spa facials include gently cleansing in order to remove excesses oils, make up, etc. Followed by a gentle micro dermal abrasion treatment which resurfaces the skin, minimizes the appearance of pores. Followed by a dead sea ant-aging or rejuvenating mask which remains on your face for 10 mins. After removal of the mask several creams, ointments, anti-aging serums etc. are applied to the face however serums and creams used varies depending on the clients skin tone. Another service I offer is eye lash extensions. These eye lash extensions are the semi permanent individual lashes which I carry all sizes ranging from short, medium, and long. Some clients prefer to have lashes all the same length, whereas clients new to wearing lashes I usually recommend mixing the lengths in order to blend the lashes and to achieve the most natural look. Lash extensions do vary on how long they'll last you however as long as those receiving lash extensions follow proper care which is always explained in details prior to application and after application to ensure clients are comfortable caring for their lashes then I always guarantee that lashes will last anywhere rom 2 weeks all the way up to 6 weeks! FYI: only a select few had lashes last only two weeks and usually because they didn't follow proper care using make up remover which is oil based and in order to remove lashes earlier the lash adhesive remover is oil based therefore make up remover is definitely not a product you want to use while wearing lashes.

    FINALLY: Back to replying to the original question posted on here regarding need of professional make up services using air brushing application. I also offer these services! I have an overwhelming amount of clientele for make up application. The make up services I offer includes a series of radiance enhancing serums applied to skin prior to air brushing make up, also primers are applied in which primers are what I like to refer to as beauty secret! The use of primers if using top quality name brand primers I guarantee the first application every client is guaranteed to see immediate results in their facial appearance. Primers are amazing and not only because they smooth fine lines, or hide visible pores. But mainly because with the use of applying primer prior to applying make up you can be confident that your make up will last you 24 hours regardless of sweating, etc. Your make up will still look freshly done even at the end of your special event! Moving along, after primers, and radiance enhancing creams are applied, I then begin prepping my client by capping her hair in a plastic cap to avoid over spray of air brushing on the hair, as well drape a cape over their clothing. I then may test a few shades on the clients wrist to ensure the shade being air brushed is a perfect match offering a natural glowing finish. I usually allow air brushing to dry 5 mins to be on the safe side, then always gently dust the clients face using a finish powder and bronzers. Bronzers are another excellent product again if using top quality name brands and if used professional never over doing it just simply enhancing specific areas of the face this way while in the right lighting your face will have a natural radiance glow. There are of course several other services in order to complete a full face make up session, however rather than going into much details as I did explaining the air brushing I'll simply list the other make up applications offered so anyone interested has a general idea. Additional make up applications are: blush, eye shadows (I specialize in all eye shadow styles including smokey eyes, soft smoky eye, natural enhancers using shades to bring out clients eyes) eye liner, false temporary lash extensions PLEASE NOTE" the temp lashes are not individual lashes their the band of lashes and are optional for clients choosing to have those applied, Mascara, and lastly your choice of lip gloss PLEASE NOTE: lip gloss offered during make up services NEVER EVER is directly applied to clients lips from lip gloss tip to any clients lips! The reasoning being is personally speaking here I wouldn't want to use a lip gloss that many other clients had touch their lips! Therefore the lip glosses offered for clients to chose from I gently squeeze from the dispenser onto disposable make up applicators for clients to personally apply themselves this way no need to worry about the possibility of cross contamination.

    I want to thank everyone who took their time to read my reply offering and explaining my services. For anyone interested in inquiring about services for an upcoming event or just to have a new style please feel free to contact me either by text or calling. I usually recommend texting when inquiring because due to usually being booked solid with clients replying through text is much easier for me and much more respectful towards my clients I am servicing. However calls are welcomed as well, all I ask is that if I am unable to answer please leave a brief voice mail and I'll be sure to return your call as quickly as possible. Also for those interested in viewing my portfolios on all services offered please feel free to add me as a friend through facebook. You can find me by searching using my first and last name: Jen Bryte

     or by email address: [email protected]

    Again thank you for your interests and I look forward to offering each and every one of you the desired style you have been searching for! Take care and god bless



    (915) 309-0504




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