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Hurricane Irene

I hope all the East Coasters are doing okay!

We're having some pretty strong winds and overcast skies, but that's it.. I saw that Jacksonville has gotten 8 inches of rain so far.  H and I will be there next hurricane season!!

I'm watching the Today show this morning and they had a correspondent go up into the Hurricane Hunter plane that the AF (I think it was the Reserves) uses to go into Hurricanes... can I just say... THAT'S AWESOME!!!  It's like a huge super hi-tech weather lab.. that flies!!! I wish someone had told me about that job when I enlisted!! It seems soooo cool!!! Does anyone have this job? or knows someone who does? I'm totally jealous!!

Re: Hurricane Irene

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    Sami- That's crazy about the plane! I would freak out.

    Everything is cool in VA right now. People are freaking out though but I looked at and it's only supposed to get to 25 mph winds tonight so I'm not sure why all the toilet paper, paper towels, milk, eggs, and beer are gone from the store.

    Okay, I understand beer. H is stoked up on Jack and Coke and I am stoked up on Vodka Lemonade for a rained in party tonight.

    The last time I drank was my wedding- 2 months ago. I puked twice the day after so I was on a  little break :-)
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    Ditto Hike, nothing yet but overcast skies. We're east of 95 so supposed to be a little worse than DC but I don't think it will be that bad. We have queso dip and beer just in case though! :)
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    I hope everyone stays safe! The east coast is in my thoughts
    Military Brides December 2011 Siggy. Holiday picture with your SO. We suck and don't have one :/ Those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter.
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    The kids and I were in Hurricane Andrew, when he made his trip up the Mississippi River. It was awesome to say the least but frightening at the same time. We lost power for 3 days. That's when I first heard of that plane. The next day after it went through was surreal. It was like any other normal day but with out a/c or elec. in the heat and humidity of Louisiana. The kids were scared after seeing the devastation, but were more scared of no electricity, so I had told them we will just pretend we are camping.

    I was blessed that we weren't there during Katrina, the images still haunt and shake my soul and can bring to tears in a heartbeat! So many memories if we ever wanted to go back and revisit in person are gone. The hell friends  had to endure, their lives will never be the same.

    Even though Irene is now at a category one, she is still very powerful and destructive and please take precautions for your safety. My niece, who lives in NYC, had evacuated at 3 am this morning after my sister and I talked. Andrew was a 1 or 2 when he hit us and it's not to be taken lightly or down played.

    Keep safe!
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    Yay for the p-3 hurricane hunter!
    It's clear skies and 70s today in the Pacific Northwest... I hope you alll stay safe and don't have any damage!
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    My fmil is in FL and the other night her palm tree caught on fire (I think just smoking) from the winds pushing it into the power lines, I hope everyone is staying safe!
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    Patiently awaiting the storm here in Connecticut...supposed to be here in full force about 11am tomorrow. Fingers crossed we are prepped enough for it. Feet upon feet of snow - we're ready for...3 months worth of rain in 12 hours and 70+ mph winds...not so much!
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