Madion post office that will hand cancel invites?!

Hi! I haven't posted here much because although I live in Madison, I'm getting married in Newport, RI. I was wondering what everyone's experiences are with post offices in the area and hand canceling invites. I've heard some horror stories about workers saying that they'll hand cancel the invites and then they end up going through the machine and being ruined or returned. I can't really afford to have more invites made so I'd love to hear how the process went for people. Thanks!

Re: Madion post office that will hand cancel invites?!

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    even if invites get hand canceled they still will go through other post office machines when they are sorted at their destination post offices.
    KRHagen November 2009
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    yeah i know that...but it goes through fewer machines by getting hand canceled. just wanted to know if anyone knew of a post office in madison that does this?
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    Not sure about Madison, but what we were told in Whitefish Bay was that as long as you were willing to do the hand cancelling yourself (stand at the counter and do each one with a little stamp they let you use) you could go to any post office.

    Sounds like  you are aware, but after all the fanfare and time invested (they told us we had to pay a parcel rate because it wasn't pliable enough to be considered a letter - so we paid twice what we would have for letter rate) it still went through the letter machine... All that extra postage for nothing! Sigh. Oh well. What can you do? If only I could get my guests to reply! :-)

    Good luck!
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    I like the last post and wish I had seen it months ago.  Forget hand cancel if you hand over the invites.  We put EXTRA postage on the invites b/c of the bitter employee (and we even know a postal worker who told us what to do) and some came back, others were not delivered at all, and all the rsvp's were torn up.  That last part told me how the envelopes might have arrived.  

    Extra postage and they will still do what they want.  I would still take the time as mpruessing to try and get what you are hoping for. Hey, after all 90% is still a good percentage. 

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