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Where does the bride go?!

During the day of hair and makeup festivities, is the bride supposed to go first? last? the middle? How do yall have it planned out?
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Re: Where does the bride go?!

  • Day of the wedding? There are 3 of us--mom, my sis, myself and I told her I'd most likely want to go last just so I could preserve my makeup for as long as possible.  Plus my skin is problematic and oily so the makeup comes off faster.  I say go last or second to last if possible so you look as fresh as possible! Hair doesn't matter as much b/c that will stay longer with the right products.  We are doing hair in the morning 5 min from home with the hair stylist, then going home where the MUA is meeting us.
  • It's what is best for you.  I also had 3 of us and I went in the middle.  My reasoning was that I could go and do my first look while my MUA did my sister because she didn't have to be ready for pictures for another hour.  I did pay a little extra so that my MUA would stay through our WP pictures in case I needed a touch up before the ceremony, but I was good to go.  In fact my makeup stayed all night and all I did was powder my nose once after dinner. 

  • I would suggest getting it done last to have that nice, fresh look right before your big entrance. I asked the exact question to a frien who recently got married and it worked out perfect for her, she just suggested all of her girls  in the wedding be there well ahead schedule,just to be on the safe side.
  • I read somewhere that the bride should go somewhere in the middle. That way you won't be first so it will all still be fresh, but you also won't be cramped and rushed like you could be at the end.
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    My hair dresser suggested I go in the middle. She's starting with my MOH then me and then another BM. I have long thick hair and she wants to have enough time to do my hair with out feeling rushed. This still gives time for fixing pieces or hair or curls after I'm dressed.
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