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asking bridesmaid

Okay so ive asked 5 out of 6 of my bridesmaids. The 6th one is going to be my cousins wife. Me and mt sister were recently in her wedding and i feel like its only right to ask her to be in mine...she is really nice and very sweet but we are not super close but we get along great when we see each other...i dont kjow how to ask her...ive been trying to think of if i should just

Re: asking bridesmaid

  • Call her or if i should stop by or ask her to hang out? We havent hung out alone beforw its always a group or with my cousin. So i feel as tho im making this a big deal when its not and i know she will be excited just need ideas
  • Well because she part of our family now and i really do like her alot we just are not really really close
  • I made my bridesmaids something to open in front of me.. So it was asking but not me saying it.. I would ask her to lunch or to come over, then tell her you got her something...then when she opens it she will read it.. I did a bottle of wine for 2 of my bridesmaids with a poem that I got from pinterest they loved it! My other 2 I plan on asking around xmas and Im going to get them an ornament that asks them on there! I think its a cute way to ask, but I would def do it in person. Good Luck
  • It sounds like you have good reason to ask her to be up there with you (honestly, I could easily see her being hurt that you just stood for her, then did not ask her to stand for you.)

    Just pick up the phone and ask.  Don't make it into a big situation, it's really not that monumental.
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  • How did she ask you to be in hers?
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  • Good question benny^^^^
  • In Response to Re:asking bridesmaid:[QUOTE]If you're not close enough to feel comfortable calling her and asking her, then I don't know why you'd ask in the first place. nbsp;Weddings aren't a tit for tat kind of thing. nbsp;I get along 'real well' with a lot of women but I didn't ask them to my in my wedding. Posted by jcbsjr[/QUOTE]
    Ditto this. Each girl that I asked to be a BM was someone with whom I'd had numerous phone conversations and felt comfortable asking over the phone, since each lived out of town. Are you sure you want to ask her, since you're not all that comfortable asking her? If you are, then just call her, or maybe discuss it with her privately at the next big family get together.

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