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Adorable Idea from My Mom

We aren't providing a full meal for our reception because the ceremony and reception are very close together, the ceremony isn't going to be very long, and it's in the early afternoon. So we are doing lots of finger-food and snack-type things. One thing I really wanted was a candy bar, becuase there will be lots of kids at the wedding. My mom is disgustingly creative and came up with a super cute way to nix the candy "bar" and have candy at every table without sending my guests into a diabetic coma. We are buying every kind of teacup we can find, in all different designs, colors, textures and sizes (because our wedding is Alice in Wonderland themed). We are going to get PVC pipe or some other kind of tall pipe and hook these teacups on every side at different heights, then we fill each one with a different kind of candy! It goes with the theme, it lets everyone have a little candy, and it is turning out to be really cheap! My grandmother owns an antique shop, so she is snagging all the mismatched teacups she can get a hold of for us!

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