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What Questions do you ask when looking for a wedding video team!

Recently a lot of brides have asked us to share some insight about the some steps you can take when searching for a wedding video team!


When you begin your search for a cinematographer one of the best places to start is to look at some of the latest wedding magazines and websites to find ads for cinematography services.  Check out the businesses website because this acts as their portfolio, and they will post some of their best work for your viewing. 

Rack up the minutes

Once you have found some cinematographers that appeal to you call them up and set up a meeting to gather more information about them.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to check out what the cinematographers can offer before you make your final decision on who will shoot your wedding.  This process might take up some time but it is well worth it to find someone you really want to work with on your wedding.

Pre-Meet and Greet

Before you meet with a cinematographer compile a list of questions or concerns you might have, as well ask what type of camera’s they will be shooting with and audio equipment they have.  Most business will be up to date with their cameras and other equipment so do a little research before hand on some of the new camera’s and technology out on the market.  This will give you a better idea of what you are going to be working with.

The Boardroom

When you meet the cinematographer for the first time, read them to see what type of personality they have because you are going to be working with these people until the day after your wedding, so make sure you get a good feeling.  Ask if they can so you some of the equipment they have (most business should have multiple cameras, lenses, audio and lighting) and any other videos they may have.  Different companies offer packages that could group photography and cinematography or offer things such as same day edits or concept videos for your weddings.

Hopefully some of these tips have helped you in your hunt for a cinematographer, don’t be nervous and never be afraid to ask questions as communication is the key to success in a relationship with you and your cinematographer.

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