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Hilton Head Island budgets

Hi! I am in Ohio trying to plan our destination wedding for Hilton Head Island (we're hoping for spring 2014), and I'm just curious if anyone else has had their wedding on the island before? I've been going there for years, and am looking at the Hilton Omni, Marriott, and a couple other venues.

We're quickly learning that having a group there is EXPENSIVE (we have a guest list of about 60 people and that's AFTER we've made cuts), and I'm having trouble hearing back from some of my preferred venues. Just wondering what to expect as far as prices per person, hidden fees, venue rental fees, etc? Any advice would be helpful!!

Re: Hilton Head Island budgets

  • Oldfield in bluffton. I love Hilton Head. If you need any help with vendors, let me know.
  • We are also looking in Hilton Head for possibly a May 2014 wedding with around 60-75 people.  I am just starting the process but we are going for a weekend in December to look at places in person.  I have been looking at places oceanfront, other than the Omin and Marriott, The Westin seems to be reasonable, about $140 per person; The Beach House has great prices, around $80-100 per person; some others are Heritage Wedding Collection and Hampton Hall. Over all I think in the end most places are going to end up being around $9000 or so.  (Hope I'm not under shooting that!)  After we get the venue I know I'll have to start looking for vendors for music, flowers, etc.  I'll keep you updated on what I find and I would love any information that you find out too!  Good luck!  
  • To:Kylie Lee,

    Oldfield is where I'm having my wedding, Oct of '13. Did you get an out of town photographer? I was looking on this site. but all they have is Charleston vendors.
  • The Beach House quoted us $80pp, but ended up being $96 with all the additional fees, and such.
  • Check out Sonesta, and  Palmetto Dunes, may  not be as high end as you are looking, but they are less than what has been mentioned. I am planning 60-75 as well.
  • I am currently planning my wedding that will be in Hilton Head Spring 2014. Any suggestions for cake bakeries and caterers in the area? I am on a budget so I need pretty inexpensive catering ideas.

    Thank you!!
  • Check out Fripp Island in Beaufort. It is a private island with beaches and pools and restaurants. There are lots of golf courses and deer walking around everywhere. They do weddings and receptions in different areas on the island or you could rent a beach house and do a wedding there. Contact Wendy Emerich. She is an amazing wedding photographer that has done a lot of work on Fripp Island and Hilton head. She could show you pictures of different venues. Her website is SEAISLANDSTUDIOS.COM. Also, if anyone needs a florist, Circle of Life in Hilton Head is the best!!
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