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AW: Wedding Slideshow up!

This isn't everything, but it's a start.  I really love how these came out!

Hope you like :)

Re: AW: Wedding Slideshow up!

  • Mellie35Mellie35 member
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    Antonia, thanks for sharing. You looked so beautiful. Amazing. :)
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    WOW they are truly beautiful, your make up is flawless. I loved the "first look pics" I must say my absolute FAV is the very last one with the city view!!!! Laughing 

    Congrats! Your day was PERFECT!!!
  • jagore08jagore08 member
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    Let me start off by saying that you couldn't have picked a better dress for you.  You looked absolutely stunning in that dress.  Your pictures are beautiful and I'm sure you're going to have a rough time picking through them for your album.  

    I take it the move went well.  How are you enjoying St. Louis?
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    Move went fine. My cat however started spraying all over the place once he smelled my DH's cat so he had to be snipped immediately(wasn't the case at my house), and now he's living at our house.  My furniture arrived in about 5 days.  The car arrived a week later.  We still haven't moved in yet though. 

    We were hoping that we would have moved in already, but it turns out our builder didn't put any coaxial cable in our house walls.  Until that is done we won't be able to get internet or cable.  We wanted to avoid going with the local telephone company which has a monopoly and makes you pay for long distance if you subscribe for internet service so we went with Charter instead--we don't need a land line since we've both have cell phones.

    Well, that was the start of the fun: Charter sent out their tech, he arrived 15 minutes before his window was up and when he saw there was no co-ax he wanted to run it around the house(which would look like crap).

    Thank you for the compliments on the dress.  I sort of had the feeling that dress was the one the moment I saw it on the rack.  It was a pain in the rear to alter.  But once it was cleaned after alterations, it glowed.

  • susan00607susan00607 member
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    What a beautiful slide show
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    ok, the dress is to die for on you! love the pics!

  • Vans18Vans18 member
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    Wow your dress is beautiful! love it all! Congrats on an amazing wedding.
  • Jeni35Jeni35 member
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    I am late to this; but thanks for sharing! You looked so beautiful and the slideshow was lovely! I also agree with PP- your dress was perfect on you!
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    your video is amazingly beautiful :)
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