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Charges for Cake Tastings?

I wanted to get some opinions on if you guys have experienced this during your cake consultations. I called to schedule a consultation just to get cake prices and information, and when on the phone no one let me know there would be a charge for going in.
I went in with the expectation that I would sit with someone and discuss cake options, and before I spoke with someone, they handed me a price sheet for tasting. I let them know I didnt want to taste anything at that time, just to discuss options of pricing, and they stated there was still a charge.

Is this normal? Has anyone run into this before?

Re: Charges for Cake Tastings?

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    Charging just to speak to someone?  No, that's not normal.

    As for charging for tastings, it depends on the bakery.  I have seen some that charge and some that do not.  One bakery here in Atlanta asks you to choose two flavors, and they actually bake two mini cakes for you to pick up, bring home for a tasting with whomever, and then you come back in and no charge. 

    I saw another one that not only makes your wedding cake, but on your one year anniversary, they recreate your top layer for you for no additional fee.
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    I 2nd's not normal. But then again I'm in Texas...maybe you should contact other bakery's in your area and see if they charge for tastings.I went to 3 and had two tastings and I never had to pay for it. The baker I picked told me to pick 2-3 cakes I thought I would be interested in. When I got there she had about 5 slices of cake per plate( My mom, my sister and me) Plus she let us take what we didn't eat home. But I didn't have to pay anything to taste...just make an appt. I only had to put odwn 50% so that she would save my date.
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    I've never heard of charging just for a consultation. I have heard of some bakeries charging for tastings (but then they build that cost into your actual wedding cake if you book them). However, I only did two tastings and neither place charged.
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    Thank you ladies! I did some research on the bakery and it appears they are not the best in town with reputation. Im going to make some other calls to speak with other bakers. I initially chose this one based on a referral, but I wasnt happy with how the initial meeting was going.
    You all have helped! Wink
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    That's crazy!!!!! I've never heard of this. When we did our tasting, we called made an apt. Then we went in told them what kinda design we wanted and then we tasted the 3 flavors we pre-selected. We never had to pay for the tasting or to just talk with them.
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    In my opinion there shouldn't be a charge for a consultation period, they want your business so they should put up the effort to get it.

    I also didn't pay for my tastings, my cake lady baked up 8 medium sized cakes and sent us off to have a cake testing party with our family - free of charge.

    As a result this lady will be getting all my business from now on, birthdays, anniversaries etc. and I intend to tip her well for our wedding just because she went so above and beyond with the tastings and I know she does beautiful work.
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    I haven't heard of charging for a consultation. Our baker charged us $25 for our consultation, but we did get 3 6inch round cakes and we got to pick the flavors and fillings and take them home. It was so worth it though cause we got to taste how everything was the next day and how fresh it all was.
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    Did they know you were not their to try anything?  Maybe they planned on you eating while there.
    In any case, time is money.  I don't think it is unual to pay a fee to have a consultation - even one with no food.  I pay my accountant and lawyer everytime I see them.  I do think they should have told you there was a fee upfront, but the fact that there was a fee is normal where I live.

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