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Cost to change name

Hello there,

My fiance and I are both changing our middle and last names when we get married. We are both taking my fathers last name who passed away last year and then both having my fiances last name as our middle name. Does anyone know how much this might cost? Should we wait to get the marriage certificate before changing our names? Your help would be appreciated! 

Thanks ladies!


Re: Cost to change name

  • kathleenkmmkathleenkmm member
    edited December 2011
    You should be able to do this right on your marriage license.
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    Yes, the Marriage Certificate is how you change your name (for ladies at least... I think for gents the process is different**).  Then you go to the Social Security office and change it there.  I do not think there is a fee. 

    A new driver's license is $20-$30, I think.  Do that next. 

    Then you can take care of anything else as needed: bank, bills, subscriptions, passport, etc. 

    **The other name change process involves going to court and paying about $400 to change your name.  I think men have to do this, even if they are getting married...  I could be wrong, so definitely ask someone who works for your county! 
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    Change it on the marriage certificate.  My coworker found out the hard way when she had to go to court and pay the court fees.  She found out after that it would have been hardly anything if she would have changed it on the marriage certificate.
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