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Hello!I was wondering if anyone could tell me where I can find examples of the "directions cards" and also how to tell people nicely to use a certain hotel? Along with that, do I send an additional card within my invitations where we are registered? Sorry so many questions, I am just unsure about many things! I feel like I should of looked for a wedding coordinator! lol

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  • No to the registry card in the invite.  Personally I like knowing where to buy a gift at but it is a no. We are printing a page to go in our daughters invites.  It says where we have rooms blocked.  how far and directions to the church and reception. suggestions for places to eat and do laundry.  We have a couple sites in the area and I have them listed as well.  Some people are coming in a week before the wedding and they do not expect to be entertained and are more than welcome to come to our house but they also know that I will be in and out.
    We have a small family/friend group. Everyone is very close and they have all said they would be in early to help if needed if not they will just go to the pool, a museum or entertain themselves.
    We are also using a wedding website to update things, that is where you list where you are registered as well as all the hotel info etc again.   I figured people may forget the paper at home but most people have a phone that can check a website.  Good Luck
  • I reserved a block of rooms at a hotel for our guests.  Then we had an "Accommodations" insert card for our invitations that gave the name, address and phone number of the hotel.

    We did not have a "Directions" card with our invites.  With Mapquest and GPS, I didn't feel that it was necessary.

    Some stores will offer to give you a registry card to put in your invites, but that's a faux pas.  You don't want to do that.  If you have wedding showers, your registry information can be listed on those, and if you have a wedding website you can list your registries there as well. 
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  • Thank you both for all of the information!!!! The only reason I was wondering about putting the registries in the invitations because the last 3 that we have recieved, they have all had registries in them...yet, I dont really want anyone to think that im only inviting them so that they give us a gift lol
    Thanks again for the help! Yet, we are also not doing a wedding website :/ I dont even know where I would put that information that we have a website, like how would people find out that we have one?
  • I put our website on our save the dates. 
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