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Hello & Corset help

Hello All!
I usually post on the July 11 & vintage boards, but I thought that maybe you gothic brides could help me out. I have been beginning to look for some sort of corset to wear under my dress. I don't like shapewear because it rolls down and I can't have anything with straps. I was hoping to buy a corset because A) I'm having a Victorian theme, and B) I just love wearing them. The problem is that I've only ever worn costume type ones (like at the Renaissance Festival) so I'm not sure what to look for in one that you wear underneath clothes. I don't need to do a ton of shaping, I just want something to suck me in a little and define my waist more. Can anyone help me out with a place to look or what to look for? TIA

Re: Hello & Corset help

  • Are you looking for a white one, or colored? I'm buying some pretty ones on ebay for my boudoir shoot and honeymoon. I know that Victoria's Secret has longline bras that are flat and don't show under your gown. What do you want it to look like?
  • If you don't want to spend a lot of money for something custom, I'd suggest maybe Frederick's of Hollywood. One of my favorite corsets that I use for steampunk/goth occasions is from there, and I'm pretty sure it could be used for under a dress. I have black, but they have a variety of colors and some seem to be on sale now.,default,pd.html?cgid=co2#

    It offers a great amount of support, and is a nice overbust.

    If you'r elooking for an underbust and want something custom, I'd suggest Damsel in this Dress. I've never bought from her, but I have heard that she makes the most comfortable underbusts... well. Ever. I've been pondering getting one of her tailcoat corsets once I finish dropping weight. But her wench bodice is underbust, $55, and description says it can be worn under or over. You can find her on etsy or

    Hope that helps! I'm a corset junkie even when it doesn't have to do with weddings. />.> Horrible addiction!
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