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Need RD suggestions! STL

I'm sure this has been thrown up here a million times by now, but I'm not seeing anything current that helps.
I'm getting married in Clayton, St. Louis and am looking for a rehearsal dinner place that's nice, but not super expensive. Think less than $20-$30 a head and the MOG would like to have it include drinks, if even just beer and house wine.
We can go anywhere from the Hill to Old St. Charles, but I'd like to keep the abiance nice without getting snooty.
The problem I'm coming across is that in a lot of places we've looked at you end up paying more for the location (the loop, the hill, etc.) than for the food and service.

Any suggestions would be good, especially if you had your RD there too.

Re: Need RD suggestions! STL

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    You might want to post this on your local board to get better answers.
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    I'm not sure if this is the area you are considering, but we attended an out of town wedding in St. Louis....the bride was from Clayton....and the rehearsal was held at J. Bucks...across from the hotel we stayed at.  Everyone really seemed to enjoy it.

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