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Affordable Church for Ceremony

Hi ladies,

I am on the hunt for a place to host our ceremony in the heights/galleria area. This would be for 180 people, preferably not outside and I would like to stay under $800. I am Catholic, the FI is not and we live in different states right now so anywhere that requires couples counseling cant work since he lives 10 hours driving away. Thoughts? We are hosting our reception at the Rainbow Lodge, and CAN do our ceremony there, but it just is a bit too crowded meaning people would have to stand. 


Re: Affordable Church for Ceremony

  • Depending on when you are getting married (they have limited dates, and you cannot have your ceremony past 2:00) Annunciation Catholic is only I think $500 (which I think is the cheapest Catholic church in Houston??) but it is downtown and I am pretty sure every catholic church will require you to get the premarital counseling before you get married there. We went through a diff church for ours, but you can also do a weekend encounter thing too
  • Yeah, Annunciation is the only one in that area, besides the Cathedral, that I can think of that doesn't require you to be a parishioner.

    Do you not have a parish, or is it just not in Houston?

    Annunciation is probably one of the least expensive churches as well. 

    But like Eboix said, ANY Catholic Church will require you to do some kind of pre-marital counseling.  It may just be a few one on one sessions with the priest, or a weekend retreat, or something, but you have to do SOMETHING.  They can usually work something out with couples separated by distance. 

  • Cathedral requires you to be a member for 6 months prior and is something like $1500 for a ceremony there. ANother church that doesnt make you be a member is St Vicent de Paul on Buffalo Speedway in the Med Center we looked there, and possibly Holy Rosary (we never got a hold of anyone there so I am not sure 100%)
  • Actually, non-parishioners can marry at the Cathedral, but it costs $2000

    Parishioners pay $1200


  • oh yeah that is right I remembered that after I posted - we became members to get the cheaper rate but ended up using Annunciation
  • Still a lot of money either way!  I'm sure they just have a high demand for weddings at the Cathedral though.

  • I am open to non-Catholic too due to budget. Most Catholic churches I have called dont have weekend retreats, they are like 4 or 5 meetings. I go to St. Anne's right now, but was raised through St. Laurence in SL but both are $900+ FI is also not Baptised which for many Catholic churches they want him to be that as well... 
  • I would try Holy Rosary (near Downtown).
  • Check out "Heights Presbyterian Church". It is very beautiful and they are flexible and inexpensive. The website is down. But here is the Faceboo page. http://www.facebook.com/#!/HeightsPresbyterian
    At least stop by and see it, it's beautiful. It is on 18th just West of Yale. A hidden gem.
    It is now more of a Christian Bible based church.
  • edited January 2013
    Here is the contact info in case you don't see it on Facebook. Drive by and look at it. Great photo place too. (713) 861-1907. [email protected]. 240 W. 18th Houston, TX 77008

    OK, they have a new website and email. Here it is: http://heightspc.org/
    [email protected]
  • OK, they have a new website and email. Here it is: http://heightspc.org/
    [email protected]
  • This isn't exactly Heights/Galleria, but I got married at the A.D. Bruce Religion Center at University of Houston and had a great experience. I know it is out of your region, but if you can't find anything else it is an option.
    And now we are as one
    Married February 20, 2011

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