The Waterview.

Hi everyone.
Just wanted to say thanks for everyone who helped me.  Good news! We booked the waterview. yeah!

One question: what's next? the dress, the photographer, flowers... Im not sure. 


Re: The Waterview.

  • Congrats!  I'd book the things that are most important to you first. if photography is a priority, i'd do that next. If it's flowers.. do that. 

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  • Yay for The Waterview! It is a beautiful venue. (I am a little biased, since I was just married there about a month ago.) After I booked the venue, I lined up my photographers, dj (also uplighting and photo booth), and florist. Then we booked our videographer and I got my dress.

    If you have any questions about vendors just let me know! :)

  • We booked venue, photographer, DJ, flowers, JOP - in that order. Probably should have gotten the JOP towards the beginning, haha. But definitely look into photographers, because they book fast and can only do one wedding a day! Studio1923 was our photographers, and they were phenominal! 
  • I would say you could start working on all three! The earlier out you start, the more time you have. I bought my dress super early, which everyone told me I should because I would start shopping around... but I didn't. I found a dress I love 1.5 years away from the wedding. Now I am less than 9 months away and I still love it. I think a photographer is good to start looking at now too. Even though you have plenty of time, booking early means you will get your first pick. I suggest Eric Brushett, he is amazing and reasonably priced. I booked my florist over a year out as well. I figured, why not?!? We are using Leah from It's So Ranunculous. The name is awesome and Leah is even better. Goof luck!
  • I would definitely book your photographer, videographer (if you want one), and DJ first.  Other vendors can usually accomodate more than one wedding in a day, but these can't so they'll get booked faster.
    Then I would start looking for your dress  :)

    And Congrats on choosing your venue!  The Waterview is a beautiful place.
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