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Hi girls.

I just wanted to formally apologize for my recent behavior on these boards. I really like this whole forum, and would like to not be known as the "troll" and constantly put down because of it.

I said things I didn't mean, and some things I said were taken out of context & slightly twisted.

I am sorry for how things went in earlier posts & would like a fresh start. You all are very helpful & I trust your judgment.

Just to clarify a  little bit & to end the whole scenario:...

-My MOH told me that she's just been very busy & didn't mean to be rude to me.
-I have just let the whole cousin thing go. If she doesn't mention it, she must be willing to let it all go.
-I had a little discussion with my Bridesmaids and they have all agreed to helping me where ever needed. They all agree that they don't feel forced into anything, and will help whenever they can. We're all good & happy, and that's how I plan on it staying.

Sometimes I get too "bridezilla" like with other brides. I don't like to, but sometimes I butt heads with others. Which is what I feel I've done with you all. I would like to just end this whole argument once and for all & I hope you all can accept my apology.

Thank you. Have a good night. <3 xoxo Bri

Re: Apology?

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  • I didn't see this coming. Ummmm, I reserve acceptance of your apology until I have seen later posting behavior from you.
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  • apology accepted. I'm glad you had time to reflect on your postings and come to a rational conclusion to your issues. We all have gut reactions, but the older we get, hopefully we can temper them for the appropriate audience.

    Remember that you can't control other's actions, but you can control how you react to them.

    And that things posted on the interwebz last forever.

    I can totally understand posting to vent or to help process your thoughts, but maybe write it out first, put it away for a while, then edit and post, especially when dealing with emotional topics. this works well at work too.
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  • Well I def will accept your apology. Its big of anyone who can admit when they have erred. We are all human. So yeah get past this and have a great time with planning your wedding. We all love weddings here and we all love our girls. So just enjoy the time with them. has you plan this very special day. Keep us informed on how its going with your wedding details. Great times are ahead. 
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    Your second post really undermines your sincerity. 
  • I'm not meaning to be mean or anything, I just wanted to clarify your idea of me & my FH! Laughing
  • Okay, what do you think of my signature? Just curious.
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  • No worries. It's just something I say a lot. :P
  • Well all you can do is to apolize which you did and then move on from here. Don't rehash over anything and just go from here and we are more than willing to help you to determine what is important and here to bounce ideas and even if your not understanding something just stay open to different perspectives. 

    You don't have to agree just sort out the good advice and take all things with a grain of salt. Don't let yourself get worked up about things around you life is to short so enjoy every single day with your family and friends. Develop new friendships here. GL
  • Ha. Well then, apology accepted. *shakes hand*

    and we shall commence with our regularly scheduled knotting.
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  • We can all thank the wacky world of wedding advertising making us brides think we follow what they say. Yikes heaven help all of us (heeheehee)
  • In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:37Discussion:66a6a66b-1b75-41f2-8131-a7edf21c6b45Post:5c4616ce-ecac-41fc-a20d-391d527c063b">Re: Apology?</a>:
    [QUOTE]Okay, what do you think of my signature? Just curious.
    Posted by emilykathleen511[/QUOTE]

    I am not the OP (obviously) but that sig scares the bajeesuzs out of me. Seriously. That will scar a
  • In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:37Discussion:66a6a66b-1b75-41f2-8131-a7edf21c6b45Post:0b7a2843-86ec-438b-8cc9-b9c7cc16c2bb">Re: Apology?</a>:
    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Apology? : I am not the OP (obviously) but that sig scares the bajeesuzs out of me. Seriously. That will scar a
    Posted by mags0607[/QUOTE]

    Haha, that is <em>exactly </em>what I thought when I saw it. But I just couldn't look away, so I decided to scar others as well!

    I was actually asking OP what she thought of me quoting her below the pic. I also like the juxtaposition of what the pic says and the quote.<img src="" border="0" alt="Surprised" title="Surprised" />
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  • I didn't notice the quote until now, because I was distracted by the evil Santa/bunny/cat/goat/monster.
  • Please do not apologize for being yourself. If you unintentionally offended someone or are whole heartedly sorry then by all means, apologize. Do not change who you are just to be 'accepted' in the boards. You will learn that you, as well as everyone else, will agree and disagree with many topics. Agree to disagree and move on. (Unless you are blind to legitimate points)
  • Hahaha. You're silly. I missed what happened here, but your post on Etiquette about telling your guests what to wear was great.
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  • I dunno what happened here, but according to your bio you announced your engagement to your mom via text message? really?
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