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disposable cameras

I was thinking about puttig cameras on every table so that we get the guests point of v ew of the wedding. But I have been reading on the internet that its a not a very good idea & it costs alot of money to get the pictures developed. I know its my decision but I was wondering what other people thought about that. thanks!! I am getting married outside.

Re: disposable cameras

  • There are some websites that allow guests to post their pictures for free that they took from their own cameras.  Shutterfly has an option for this http://www.shutterfly.com/sites/create/welcome.sfly?fid=86316e3381aa22db  You could just leave cards on the table or include one with the thank you notes with the website for them to upload the pics to.  I've heard some people didn't get many people to participate but if you highly encouraged it and spread the word, you might have more luck.  That way, you wouldn't have to buy the disposal cameras.  Just a thought.
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    I would pass on this idea just because you never know what kind of photos you can get.  They could be super adorable/your wedding from a guest's perspective OR you could get penis shots from them men's bathroom Frown
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  • Everyone has either a digital camera or cell phone now so I think disposables are a waste of money.  You could do photo scavenger hunt cards for the guests instead.  Google it, there are lots of ideas.
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  • Everyone has a camera on them these days, even in our phones. There are some websites where you can tell your guests to upload their photos. Do some gOogling because I can't think of them off the top of my head. Print a few cards with instructions and then that's it! Don't waste your money on the disposable.
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  • I've had two friends do this. They both say it was a complete waste. Most cameras didn't get used. Of the ones that did get used the photographer was most likely a small child. So a lot of the photos were peoples legs, the floor, the cieling, blurry food, etc.

    I'd recommend a photo share card. You can even just ask that people be sure to tag you guys when they add the photos to FB.
  • I set up a shared album online and made photoshare cards to put at each seat requesting guests upload photos to the albums. Everyone has cameras/cellphones/etc. This way I get the photos and IF one of our guests uploads something inappropriate I can just delete it, but it doesn't cost me any money ;) lol
  • Check out weddingturtle.com.  It's a website where you can have your guests upload their pictures for free.  They even send you 250 free business cards with the information for your guests.  Way cheaper than disposables and developing fees.  Laughing
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  • I'm probably going to just spread the word around for people to upload all their photos to facebook. All of my friends and most of my relatives have a facebook, so I'll tell them to tag FI and I (even if we aren't the ones in the photo).
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  • I'm going to second agaldhill and say check out weddingturtle.com, I signed up with them, it's free and seems easy enough for most guests. Here is a pic of the 250 FREE business cards they are shipping to me to put at everyone's seat.

  • I got a deal on the Wedding Channel and it's for Wedding Snap which is where your friends and family can dowload an app for free on their iphone and then every photo they take with their phone is automatically sent to a website that you and your FI can access.  We were tossing around the idea of cameras on the tables but when I saw this I thought it was a much better idea...and cheaper!  http://www.wedding-snap.com/


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    Sometimes the disposable camera shots end up great!  Film out of the camera ends up better then a pic from 99% of digital cameras, without editing that is.  And outside pics with natural light will likely end up great!

    However, there are some things to consider.  They CAN be very expensive to develop because of the fact that few people use film now.  You can't pick and choose what to develop, so you end up paying for them all.  I've found that kids LOVE to run around and take pictures, so if you have a lot of kids there you may end up with a lot of ground and sky and leg shots.  Also, you may end up with "old" cameras, where they may have been exposed to heat or other elements you don't know about and end up with a lousy batch of film, and of course you won't know that until after.

    Also, lots of people take pictures of their food and the decor, which you'll probably have a lot of anyway.  Lol.  You can always have your MC announce that you would love for everyone to take candid photos throughout the event to encourage people to take lots of people shots though, and so that maybe the adults will monitor the kids a little bit.

    I have seen weddings where the photo's end up pretty crappy (10 good shots from them all), and other's where they are fantastic.  I think in the end you end up taking a chance, and could end up with some great shots you otherwise wouldn't get, or you might end up with next to nothing.  Personally my venue is inside and the lighting may not be great, so I wouldn't do it, but if I had an outside venue I would consider it.
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  • If there are going to be a lot of kids at the wedding I would forego it. Most of the time kids just take the cameras and take weird/random or inappropriate shots.
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  • Personally I'd skip it. I worked in a photo lab for a few years and whenever a bride would drop off her bag of cameras, she'd end up getting maybe 5% decent shots. Plus, in this age of camera phones and social media, I don't think it's necessary.
  • I hear you get a lot of shots down people's pants
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  • I wanted to do the same thing but heard it was a waste.  Plus, people who are inclined to take pictures tend to bring their own camera and with them being digital these days it is so easy to share.  So, I set up a photo share site on Picasa.  If you have gmail, it is super easy and all people have to do is email to an email that works off your gmail.  Then you get to approve the pictures before they get posted.  I just made business cards on VP for free that I will have on the tables so people know where to send them and where they can view all the pictures (even if they didn't take any). The card:

    Idk if people will actually do it but since even VP cards are free, it didn't cost me a cent so if I get even one good photo it is worth it.  They have cute cards with cameras and such too but I liked these for our wine theme.
  • So I took a second job at a very popular convenience store/pharmacy (don't want to sound like a vendor to help pay for the wedding.  We develop film there... and it's a nationwide store policy that if you look at your developed pictures (from film) and there are any you don't like/want, then you don't have to pay for them OR can get a refund if you leave the store before looking at your pictures.

    You are NOT stuck with pictures you don't like/want... and honestly since I've learned this, I have been considering more and more having a disposable camera or two at each table.

    I was going to do a Photoshare site but have heard time and time again that no one/barely anyone posts on it.
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