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Where to honeymoon on a budget?

My fiance and I have been having the hardest time trying to decide where to go! We know what we want and what we don't want- all that's left to do is find out what places offer it! Here's what we both have decided we want on our $4k budget at the end of May/beginning of June::

-English-speaking (we know very little of any other languages)
-Some sort of clean, sandy beach or a pool
-Lively night life
-Close to home/ North-Eastern US or cheap airfare (airfare is way too expensive to travel far these days)
-A more rustic feel, no huge cities like NYC or LA
-No cruises (we get sea sick like you wouldn't believe)
-Horseback riding- maybe on the beach (this is a big one, I would LOVE to do this!! My fiance's never been and I'm dying to take him)
-Nothing in the Southern US (Florida is fine though)
-Lots of stuff to do (We want to relax, but we don't want to get bored after just a couple of days)
-Our entire stay being around 7-10 days (flights included)
-Someplace to kayak and fish (we both love these)

Can anyone help us? Any suggestions? Good or bad expeiences? Thanks in advance!

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Re: Where to honeymoon on a budget?

  • Sorry I'm not much help with where you should go. But when are you planning on going, that could help others with suggestions.

    Also if I was you I would take that Honeyfund link out of your siggy.... Most people on here think they are tacky, and since most people on here are probably strangers, they are not going to contribute to it.  Also internet security - it has you and your FI full names.
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  • Ditto on the Honeyfund. There are many reasons HM registries are rude and deceitful (and I can give you those reasons if you're interested to listen), but more importantly it has both of your full names AND the address of your wedding. I would remove the link immediately.

    As for your question, nothing is coming to mind immediately. You say you want a nice sandy beach but also a rustic feel, which would imply woods or a cabin of sorts. If I can think of any ideas, I'll post them.

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  • I can't think of anything that falls into all of your requirements. Your requirements are very long and kind of contradictory. I think you need to figure out a little bit more of what you really want and stop being so picky about the little things like 'rustic' and all of that. I think as long as you can find something within your budget you should be a little more open to going further and going to different areas. You say you want a warm nice beautiful beach but you don't want to go to the south (except Florida) and you also say you want to stay close to home up in the North East.

    Honestly one of the suggestions I would think based on your other requirements would be going to Cancun. There is a ton of fun there, you can go out at night and have a great time and it would be easy to fit that in your budget. It sounds though like you don't want to leave the country but that would be the perfect destination for the rest of your requirements. It is extremely affordable, very safe and there is so much to do. Cancun specifically I recommend for you because you said you are looking for a "Lively night life". There is history and fun, swim with dolphins, ride a jet ski, go deep sea fishing, learn how to use a catamaran, the list of things to do is endlesss.


  • Ditto the other girls on taking out that link. I just found out your full names as well as where you're getting married.  Very unsafe.  As for where you should go, I suggest the cape.  
  • Also you do realize you posted pretty much the same post about 2 weeks ago....http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-boards_honeymoon_where-should-we-go

    Maybe you should have checked that and looked at some of those responses.


  • We just got back from Ireland and I'd say it fits into all of your categories but beach; although all of our hotels had spa's/pools.  During the day there's gorgeous scenary to take it and sites, if you care to see; at night there's pubs with live music, etc.  We booked our flight/hotel/car package through Travelzoo for around $1,100 per person; so even with food and drinks you'd be below your budget.

  • I think she came here for advice regarding her honeymoon and nothing else.  What does it matter to you all if she has a Honeyfund link on her signature?!  I don't think I've ever came in contact with such a rude group of people in my life and not just on this discussion.  I've seen it in several places.  We ask for your advice, not your attitude and that's all it seems like you people give.  Such a shame.
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  • Wow, ladies.  Be nice!!

    You really should look into Turks & Caicos, Jamaica, Antigua, or Aruba.  They all speak English, not too far of a flight from the NE and they all could fit in your price range.
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    Honeymoon planning can be overwhelming and exhausting I know!

    My suggestions would be Puerto Rico (history, beach, nightlife, plenty of diving, fishing, etc.) Everyone speaks English (although some better than others). Great restaurants, shopping etc and a little history if you want.

    The further down you go on the map in the Caribbean islands the higher your flights will probably be so I'd say stay close to Florida. Jamaica is another good option budget wise and they do have good options for tours (to include horseback riding, falls, dolphin encounters, jeep tours, etc.)
  • Thanks a TON to all the ladies who gave me actual advice! Much appreciated! And to all others, the honeyfund is not for you people, it's for my friends and family I have on here. Secondly, the activities and locations I listed are just some ideas, not my requirements. YEESH! And yes, I know I had another post weeks ago, the point is it was weeks ago and had gone dead- what use is it then? I will certainly talk over all the great places you ladies listed with my fiancé when he gets home. He works on the road so by the time he gets back I'll have a whole list of destinations! Thanks again ladies!

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  • I also forgot to mention, we would like to travel around the end of May or beginning of June.

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    Domestically speaking, have you done any of Maine (Acadia National Park) or Martha's Vineyard/Cape Cod/Nantucket Island? They're more of a country setting. Maine should have some places to fish and/or kayak.

    Or Outer Banks in NC? Charleston/Myrtle Beach? Are those too south?

    Assateague Island is in Maryland with wild horses on the beach. You wouldn't want to spend your entire trip there though.

    Shenandoah National Park in Virginia is rustic. There are tons of wineries along a stretch in Virginia (Charlottesville area). There is a similar feeling to Asheville, NC.

    Good luck!
  • Cinderella30Cinderella30 member
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    I just got back from Playa del Carmen in Mexico.  We stayed at the Paradisus La Perla which is an adult only all inclusive.  The service and food were amazing!  Everyone spoke English and if you wanted to experience Coco Bongo or Senor Frog, they are only a 5 minute cab ride away.  We felt very safe the entire time we were in the resort as well as the town.  There are also other things to do and see...Rio Secreto, Xplorer, Xel-ha, Tulum, Chichen Itza, buggy riding, zip lining, etc.  I think this fits every single criteria and it should definitely be on or below your budget.
  • I was going to suggest Maine or Cape Cod as well. Or even Lake George. It is beautiful there and there is a lot to do. I have stayed there many times at a more family-oriented resort however it met all of your requirements as far as fishing, pool etc.

    My fiance and I are on a budget as well and being that we love the fall weather and aren't really into tropical places, we have opted to do a New England honeymoon and I couldn't be more excited.

    Best of luck!
  • I say Disney...SOO much to do in Orlando...!!!!!!!  ; )
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    If you are willing to travel, consider the Dominican Republic. Good airfare from the Northeast. I went recently and have an AMAZING time! Check you this website. Its where we urchased from. Mention Kathleen sent you, they should remember me!
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