Advice! On reception venue!

Does anyone know anything cost wise about the Scottlyn Yards in Blair>
I was looking at pics online and sorta love it...but i was wondering anyone has ever looked there or been to a reception there...

Also what does anyone know about the Belleve Berry Farm />
Thanks :D

Re: Advice! On reception venue!

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    The best thing to do would be to contact the site and schedule a time to meet with the staff to discuss all that.  Many places will send price lists via email but you will still want to meet with them to get a full disclosure of costs.  You may also be able to see what the place looks like when it is set up for a wedding (bonus!).
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    i highly suggest setting up an appointment when they are doing a wedding (well, prior to the event starting) so you can see what it will look like for your wedding. We did that when scheduling appointments and it made the difference with certain places. 
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    it is a 1000 to rent but you can bring in your own food
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    When i went to a wedding at the Bellevue Berry Farm last summer, there wasn't  any AC and it was in June.  
  • It is $3000 for their basic package and $9000 for their all inclusive package. It's beautiful but very expensive.

  • Bellevue Berry Farm's prices are on their website, but depend on which venue you pick. For the western barn, it is $20/person. They are supposed to have it air conditioned before this summer! We are having our reception there on June 30. A co-worker had hers there and she said it is great, but she did say you have to keep on top of them.
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