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Massachusetts-Cape Cod

Oceanside Hair & Body in Brewster?

Anyone have any experience, good or bad, with Oceanside Hair & Body in Brewster, MA? I'm considering using them for my bridal party's hair & make-up but can't find many reviews of them anywhere...

Thanks for any input!

Re: Oceanside Hair & Body in Brewster?

  • We went there, and loved it.  Me, my 4 bridesmaids, and mom all got hair and make-up done, and it was fabulous.  The best part was my hairdresser/make-up person Nicole.  She does a great job, and was super relaxed and funny; a great attitude for deadling with a potentially stressful day!
  • @ladybug480- thank you so much for the input! You don't have to give me specifics but.. did you feel their prices were reasonable for the services you received? I'm leaning towards having them come out to the home where I'll be getting ready but just trying to make sure the off-site fees are worth it! Thanks again.
  • I definitely thought their pricing was good, a lot cheaper than Lisa George.  My make-up was $100 (including trial day) and my hair was $130 (again, including trial day.)  If you skipped the trials it'd be $85 for hair and $70 for make-up.  Bridesmaids hair was ~$40-60.  We actually went to the salon on the wedding day; they would have come to us, but they said that most brides like the change of scenery in going to the salon (rather than spending all day getting ready in a hotel room) and I agreed. They have a deck out back, so we sat out there and had lunch while waiting our turn.  If you're definitely looking for a person who travels, I'd also look at ArtWorx.  They were booked on our date, so I never really research them, but everyone seems to love them.
  • Thank you so much.. This is super helpful!

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