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How early is too early?

My wedding is 12+ months away....August of 2012. How early is too early is too early to go shopping for my wedding dress? All my BM will be in town for my housewarming party in that too early? What month should I set a date with them for and what do people suggest about when we shop for their dresses?


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Re: How early is too early?

  • My wedding is in July of 2012 and I have already found my dress!
  • I'm a June 2012 bride and have my dress already!  

    It doesn't matter how early you go shopping (as long as you don't plan to be pregnant for the wedding or anything like that).  If you find a dress you love, get it and then STOP LOOKING!!!!!!!!

    Happy Shopping Smile
  • I went 11 months before my wedding and I wish I would have gone a little earlier. I'm waiting for it to come in (5 months to go until my wedding) and I feel like I can't pick any accessories or shoes until it does. Perhaps I'm a little impatient, but I'm getting antsy!!!
  • I am a September 2012 bride and I bought my dress in March. I was very excited and this was the first thing I purchased for the wedding. I think if you find your perfect dress its not too early.
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  • Its never too early if you find your dream dress. :)

    But when you buy one, stop looking. You dont want to change your mind 5x on something you cant return :/
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  • I just bought my dress on Saturday for my June 2012 wedding. They take up to 8 months to come in depending on where you go. Also my last fitting will be one month before my wedding, so that way if I drop a few dress sizes at the last few months they can adjust it. Good luck!
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  • MS0710MS0710 member

    Like PP said, as long as you don't plan on getting pregnant or having a major weight change, look now. A friend of mine is getting married and her dress took about 7 months to come in so sooner the better in my opinion! Just stop looking once you found THE dress! Good luck

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  • our wedding is april 2012 and i bought my dress in march 2011.  i didn't plan to buy it that early but my mom came out for a dress shopping trip which i thought would just give me ideas.  there was one dress i fell in love with but i couldn't imagine it would actually be "the one", so i made myself wait a week.  i went back with a girlfriend the next saturday and i bought it!  

    i was worried at first that i might get dress remorse and want something else, but whenever that happens i look at a photo of it and i fall in love with it all over again!  plus it's nice to have that one thing crossed off the list.

    happy shopping!
  • I'm also an August 2012 bride, and I bought my dress mid-March...

    ... my one suggestion, though, is to STOP LOOKING when you've put money down on a dress. It will only make you second guess yourself.
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  • I would probably wait until 12 months, but if you find something you love before then, jump on it, as it could be discontinued by that time. 
  • i'm an August 2012 bride too--- and the SAME thing!  my girls are in town in June and I want to pick their dresses....but I want to know mine before we do theirs!

    It definitely feels early, but i've previewed a lot of fall 2011 and some spring 2012 designs and i HATE everything. haha. so that makes me feel better about buying something now, since i'm probably going to go with a 2008-2010 dress.

    do a little research, see if soemthing is coming out soon that you like. if not, then i say go for it and buy now =)
  • I bought my dress in February and I'm not getting married until June 2012.  If you plan on losing/gaining weight don't buy early, but otherwise why not get it early?  It was the first thing after the venue that we did... I was so excited, I couldn't wait! 
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  • I bought my dress in August for my April 2012 wedding, about 20 months beforehand.  Wasn't necessarily planning to do it that early but stumbled across an umbelievable deal at a sample sale.  Since the dress has a corset back I wasn't worried about whether it would still fit if I gained or lost a few pounds, and since it was only $99 I wasn't investing a lot of money if I found something else and had to try to sell it.
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  • JBC123JBC123 member
    I also just ordered my dress last week for a June 2012 wedding.  My bridal shop told me they already have dresses ordered for 2013 weddings!  My mom thought I might be ordering too early because of styles, sizes, etc., but I love my dress and thought that it could end up discontinued if I waited too long.

    There's really no rules here - if you find the perfect dress, then order it.  I am glad I bought my dress early - I know I have a year to lose the 30 lbs I want to lose.  I ordered my dress one size down to be certain it wouldn't have to be altered too much. 
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