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Hey there everyone!

I hope everyone's planning is running smoothly!

I sent out my invites last week :-) Thank god that's off my shoulders now.

Today, my mom got a call from my aunt. My aunt asked if my cousin could bring his on and off again girlfriend. When I say on and off again, I mean off.... since Christmas. However, they go to college together and he still is trying to get back together with her. She hangs out with him as his friend. Young love....

We decided to only invite couples who have been together for a while and are serious..... and, just TOGETHER. Actually, thinking about it, we didn't even have to talk about this because all of our friends are in a relationship. Our younger guests (younger college age) are just my brother, a family friend, and my cousin. They aren't dating anyone so we didn't even think about it!

So, my mom felt bad and said yes. My aunt even offered to pay for this girl, which is weird to me. I am a little annoyed at my aunt. I didn't invite some of my friends because we had a set number of people we wanted to invite. Granted, my parents are paying for the wedding... but my mom didn't feel like she could say no. My aunt just put her in a crappy position.


Re: Grr!

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    I would be a little more annoyed at my mom for feeling bad about not inviting her nephew's non-girlfriend yet not feeling bad for not inviting some of your friends - but that is just me. I don't know how your aunt was when she asked or how she is at all but part of me is wondering if wasn't her son that put her in the awkward postion. Just a thought. Either way, something tells me she probably won't even end up going - depending on whether wanting to be "friends" just means that she doesn't want to hurt his feelings or if it means that she just wants an FWB. 
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    Well, in my mom's defense, I never told her I didn't invite some friends because I was feeling good with the guest list. I was just appreciative of the fact her and my dad were willing to pay for my wedding.
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    I would have my Mom swear this woman to secrecy.

    In the future, I'd say that it isn't a money issue, but a capacity issue. I would've told your Aunt, that if you receive more regrets than you are planning for, then you will let her know and then your cousin can bring his lady. Hopefully, that will work?
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    The only item I will not compromise on...my bouquet of all purple tulips wrapped in a swatch from my Mom's wedding dress.
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