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QOTD 7/23

Married Ladies:  What went wrong on your wedding day?

Engaged Ladies: What do you worry will go wrong on your wedding day?

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Re: QOTD 7/23

  • cschuma2cschuma2 member
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    We got lucky.  Nothing major went wrong. 

    I think the biggest thing was that the music stopped for a few seconds during the father/daughter dance because the speakers came unplugged.  It took the DJ about 15 seconds to figure out what happened and get things back in order.  No big deal.

    Also, someone stepped on my train during the receiving line and left a clear muddy footprint on my dress.

    That's all that stands out to me.  If anything else went wrong, everyone did a good job at hiding it!

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    Im scared of EVERYTHING.

    I went to a wedding in June and the church didnt even playthe  music when she went down aisle... Noone knew to stand up!

    Im scared my dad wont make it in from Hawaii. or that boths sides of the family will get along... Im worried we wont have enuf time to get everything set up.

    im scared i cant get everything paid for in time. ugh. yep... lol Im a nervous wreck about alot of it! HAH! The only thing i know for sure, is that me and my man will be on a plane to Hawaii on November the 9th. HAH!
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  • MerinMerin member
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    The worst things that I recall are...   the mosquitos at our outdoor photo location were AWFUL.  Practically all of the pictures have someone swatting away bugs.  Oh, and my MOH gets welts from mosquito bites, poor thing. :(   At the reception, part of DH's family left early because they thought some guests were "dancing inappropriately", then my boss's wife fell on the dancefloor and broke her arm.   Oh, and after the reception, all of our friends who stayed at the hotel that we had room-blocked got kicked out for being too loud. 

    And I'm sure there were more too. But you know what, we STILL had an incredible day, and I look back and feel like it was 'perfect', despite all of those little bumps. :)
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    I guess it was wrong but it was more embarrassing.... My mom got drunk and danced on a chair at our reception!!! Oh, my florist forgot my aisle runner. But really that is about it.
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    I'm using this as a small confession thread.

    I'm worried about FI's family. FFIL just got divorced from Step-FMIL and FI and I both still love her and FFIL knows we're inviting her and has said he's ok with it. I'm afraid he'll get drunk and say mean things.

    I'm afraid GM will bring a certain girl without telling FI first and FI will get upset. It's the fact that he doesn't have the guts to tell FI he's dating this girl that upset FI.

    I'm afraid Step-FSIL will bring her baby daddy and FMIL will freak out.
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    I'm afraid that we won't have enough alcohol and/or that the reception won't be as fun or last as long as I want it to. I have no worries about the cremony part though.
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    I don't if anything necessarily went "wrong".  My flowers weren't quite what I wanted, and our DJ ignored a lot of my "must play" list.  We barely made it back to the church in time for the ceremony because we spent so much time at the Botanical Gardens taking pictures.  The reception hall left all the lights on for our first dance.  :(  That's all I can think of.  Overall, it was minor stuff!

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  • rak123rak123 member
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    I am petrified that vendors won't show up!  Probably not a valid fear.  Also I am scared that people won't have fun and no one will dance!  Again, not very realistic.  
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    I'm worried about my flowers not being what I want.  To try to combat this I am going to take a bunch of pictures of the bouquet I want to the florist soon.  I don't trust their handwritten notes.

    I am also worried about two of my FSILs getting embarassingly trashed.  They are LOUD when drunk and our reception is at a very low key country club that will not accept that.  FMIL has already promised she will keep tabs on them.
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    OMG Cristieeep -- my FSIL is a raging alchy... my Bachelorette party is in like 2 months IN PUT -N- BAY -- there is no way to escape he nonsense on an ISLAND!
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  • k22tk22t member
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    the only thing that really went wrong is that i forgot the cash for the limo driver.   it was a total freakout moment and everyone in the bridal party was willing to pitch in money to pay.   luckily i left at my parent's house and that they only live like 5 mins from where we had the reception.   my dad saved the day by going home, getting the money envelope, and meeting us as the limo pulled up.
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