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So the place for my reception is one of the most gorgeous in my city (or maybe I'm just biased lol). The main side of the room that I will be in holds 110 people. I am expecting 125 but might have up to 150 people. I was going to put a dance floor in the middle of the main room as it is basically set up with poles in the room for that purpose, however, my FI and mom refuse to put any of their guests in the other side of the L because they don't want to offend their guests by being on the other side of the room from the wedding party. My solution was to have the cake set up so once dinner is over we all have to go to that side for cutting and back to the other side for dancing. This still didn't appease either of them.

So do I just stick every one of my friends to be "exiled" as my fiance calls it, or do I put the dance floor in the other room and have 110 people on my side with about 1 or 2 tables on the other side. I'm sure I'm not the only bride who's using/used an L shaped room
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Re: L Shaped Room

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    Can you put the head table and dance floor in the corner of the "L", then put equal numbers of tables in both rooms?  That way everyone can see the bridal party and the dance floor.
  • Is there anyone at the venue who can help you, like an event planner or tell you what they have done in the past?  

    If it's still one big room, I don't think it's necessarily terrible to split up the room 50/50 with the dance floor in the middle, unless the view is obstructed entirely.  But I agree that would have to be a compromise that both you and your FI were comfortable with.  I certainly wouldn't put two lonely tables over on the other side by themselves.
  • I was also going to suggest making the "center" of the room in the corner of the L. Dance floor there, head table/ family tables there. 

    Otherwise, I'd find a venue that can fit everyone in a more contiguous layout.
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    This is exactly why we ruled out certain venues. There is a popular reception venue in my area which has a very awkward, broken up layout.  I've been to receptions at this place, and the set-up is horrible.  A lot of the guests miss out on many of the wedding events, like toasts, cake cutting, etc. 
    We visited another popular venue and found that although it's not as broken up, room dividers (even while open) block sight-lines for any guests seated at tables near them, so we ruled that out too.
    We didn't want any of our guests to be in a bad location where they couldn't take part with the rest of the guests.
    I'd advise you to find a new venue or invite fewer people.
  • We visited the venue yesterday again and worked with the venue on making everyone fit in one room with only 3 tables slightly oustide but still on the same side of the L to help them see everything. Interestingly enough the venue said that almost everyone with large parties uses both rooms of the L with no problems. Guess to each his own
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