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Jolie Images

Any one use them before? We have a meeting with them in the next week and wanted to know of any thoughts people might of had.. 

Re: Jolie Images

  • edited December 2011
    You will get mixed results on the boards here.  Some like the larger studios because they can be more affordable.  However, you lose some options such as picking out your own photographer.  Some recommend a photographer that works on his/her own.  It depends on what your budget allows, what you feel is important in a photographer and what studio or photographer is offering you.

    Sorry, that really doesn't help you, does it?
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    We just booked with Jolie last week.  It really depends on if you are looking for real artsy photos or traditional (in my opinion) cause like others have said you cannot pick your photographer with Jolie.  All of their photographers I trust to do professional traditional photos cause they are a large studio and have been around a while.  If they worked with anything less than pros they would not be around still.  That being said you are also not spending $4000 on a photographer that can do some of the fun artsy type photos that stand out from the traditional.  Our budget was tight and we really just wanted to know we were getting photos we knew would be good so we signed up.  They have been pretty good to work with so far. 
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