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Whats on your "DO NOT PLAY" List

I'll go first...Anything Lil WayneElectric SlideMacarana

Re: Whats on your "DO NOT PLAY" List

  • Off-hand, some of the ones on our do not play list were:Cha-Cha SlideElectric SlideWe Are FamilyMacarenaYMCABrickhouseHokey PokeyChicken DanceAnything Celine Dion
  • The Locomotion Chicken Dance Hey Mickey ... all of which were played at my wedding because my DJ was a moron.
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  • Chicken Dance ... actually pretty much any "group dance" song. We've agreed to play ONE "group dance" just to kind of "shut everybody up" ... most likely going to be the Cha Cha slide, since its one of the few FI and I can still stand to here at somebody else's wedding. Also, I will have the DJs head on a plate if he plays "Paradise By The Dashboard Light". I honestly really like the song, but I don't think I've been to a wedding where I HAVEN'T heard it, but I still don't get why anybody thinks its appropriate to play.

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  • Anything "cliche"--Macarena, Shout, Cotton Eye Joe (please no--I'm in Texas)Country music (sorry, I just don't like it)And I really hate that song "Poker Face" so I put that on there just in case.
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    Macarana and electric slides were were the only ones.  I really hate those songs.Other than that I asked there to only be one or two line dance songs, but I trusted him to play what the crowd wants.  My goal was for my guests to have a great time and stay on the dance floor. If overplayed 80's music was going to do the trick I didn't mind. My dance floor was packed all night,  so I guess the DJ did a good job.

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  • Ooh, Stephie just reminded me, I'm also banning Lady Gaga in general. I think she's got a good voice, but I can't STAND any of her songs.

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  • "Becky" by Plies.. don't need my aunt thinking that song is about her..
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  • Oh, and anything by Mariah Carey or Celine Dion. Can't deal with the screaming..
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  • Any country except for the songs I'm putting on the must play list and Living on A Prayer. HATE that song.
  • we're banning any hard core rap (no thanks!!), hokey pokey, chicken dance etc.  unfortunately, for some STRANGE reason, my fiance ENJOYS doing the macarana and he begged me to put that on the must play list.  i feel sorry for my guests....
  • MacarenaYMCAChicken danceLa BambaElectric SlideLady Gaga"you're beautiful" bouble or country version"I wanna go home"I'm sure there are more but nothing I can think of now-ha!
  • All of the cliche wedding songs, to include the Chicken Dance and the Electric rap songs, no techno, most modern pop songs (think Lady Gaga and Fergie), and EVERYTHING by Miley Cyrus. Ha ha. Seriously though, my skin crawls and my eardrums bleed when her I hear her songs!! EEEK!! :)
  • Unforturnatly, this song didn't make it to the "Do not play list"- Our DJ told us to pick about 50 songs each. My fiance chose Beyonce's "Crazy In Love". Neither of us are Beyonce fans. But fiance likes old country, like Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Merle Haggard, etc! And He chose a Beyonce song! I think someone slipped some kind of drug into his drink at work when he wrote his list. He's gone nuts! I tried to remove the song from the list before I sent it to the DJ, and finace walks over and says "I dont see that Beyonce song in the list"...So now whenever it comes on the radio i have to turn it up and say something like "There's your favorite song!'' and he has no clue what I'm talking about! Crazy boys!!! Sorry it's kinda long winded- I'm bored at work. haha
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  • Excellent question! No coordinated songs! Except maybe for the Chicken Dance. I'm a dork, but I kinda like it. It makes me think of my aunt and uncle's wedding reception. No Miley cyrus or jonas borhters either.
  • Baby Got Back Vomit.
  • Def no Chicken DanceYMCAWe Are FamilyCelebrateElectric SlideMacarenaLove and MarriageFriends in low placesanything that you would booty dance to.  I think its so inapproproate to see adults in formal attire bumping and grinding with all the kids and family around I may be OK with Cha Cha Slide because it is one that my FI can dance to and the kids like it to  
  • Mony Mony I absolutely despise that song. I was a wedding photographer for 4 years, there are a LOT of songs I never want to hear again. Butterfly Kisses is another one.....UGH.
  • love this question! we were just talking about playlist songs last night!! :) ok, we're banning just about everything that has already been listed here in terms of line/organized dances, and rap.i love pop music, but there are a lot of songs that aren't realy appropriate for dancing to infront of my mom and dad so they'll have to go. FI suggested Poker Face last night, but thankfully he was just kidding!!our plan right now is to go with a lot of fun 80s music (and disco, i love disco!) so that everyone, parents and our friends, will want to dance all night!
  • most of the above and Michael Bolton or Kenny G
  • My number one DO NOT PLAY is "I'm so Hood' and most rap in general.  That is my fi's favorite song and I hate it so much! That and "jesse's Girl" Its a fun song, but it has a very bad memory for me. We will do alot of 80's and some modern fun songs.  Plus pretty much all of the above listed will not be acceptable.
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