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Alcohol preference request in invitation?

We will have an open bar at our wedding and I'm just brainstorming to figure out how much beer, wine and liquor to purchase. 

I know of the evite alcohol calculator, but I'm wondering if anyone sent a small drink preference card in with your invites to send back with the reply cards?  This way I could ask my quest what their preference is a get a better count of what everyone will drink.

Did anyone do this?  If so how did you word it?

I thought something like state that we will host an open bar and Please reply or check all that apply for your drink preference: mix drinks, beer, red wine, white wine...

any thoughts?  I know I've seen something like this before in an invitation I've received, but I can't remember how they worded it.
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Re: Alcohol preference request in invitation?

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    I personally would not do this. It seems kind of awkward and you're never going to get the straight answer you want. People will change their minds and/or decide maybe not drink at all.

    You know your crowd. You know your younger, single friends will drink 5-8 drinks vs your older guests who 1) won't drink at all or 2) will only have one glass of wine.

    We did everything by consumption which was cheaper for us and we had an open bar as well.

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    I have never seen or heard of this. I would forgo it and just estimate what each "group" on your invite list will drink. We did that just to give the bar some idea of what to order/nbring and it was fine. Our bill was by consumption though, I was just surprised nobody seemed to drink wine but it worked out and everyone seemed happy.
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    I agree with PP's.  I think you're giving people too much option by asking them what they prefer. 
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    Ditto everyone else. I'm not a big drinker, so it would really depend on the mood I'm in the night of your wedding. Don't make things too complicated :)
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    I agree with everyone else. Estimate what you'll need, and roll with it. If you run out of one thing, people will just switch to something different. I know that I've done that several times at weddings, and your guests will enjoy the fact that it's free no matter what it is!
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    I agree with everyone else.  It sounds like a big PITA for you, especially when you get all the response cards back.  You'll get them back and wonder if what they put is really what they'll drink and as a guest, I might feel awkward trying to remember exactly how much I'd said I'd drink and I'd feel bad if I thought I went past that.
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    I agree with pp.  It is free, and most people will  just drink what's available.

    I believe though that it has been mentioned on here before that some liquor stores will let you return unopened bottles.  So maybe a good approach is to buy too much to be on the safe side, and return unused products.\

    Just a thought.
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    No, don't ask, it's too much detail about guest's preferences.  If you go catering to all your guests, they will still complain something wasn't to their liking, and it will spoil them, ruining it for everyone else hosting a wedding, LOL.

    Sure it's nice to consider the wants and needs of the guests, but you are not a restauranteur, but the hosts who are showing the guests some hospitality of your choosing.  Just pick a reasonable selection and amount of alcohol, and don't worry about it. 

    Even if you get guests to choose, there is still no guarantee you will have exactly the amount of alcohol needed.  That can be a negotiating point with your vendors or liquor store.  They will usually buy back unopened bottles.
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