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I've been having problems with TK ever since the switch happened a few months ago.

When I click on the links on the left (Update profile, Change Avatar, Update Signature, etc) I get an error page. I finally found the e-mail address to contact TK customer (tech) support, but they haven't been very responsive. They kind of just respond and say that they don't know what's going on, and they will keep looking into it. I e-mailed them again a week or two ago (after not hearing back from them for several weeks), and I still haven't gotten a response.

Do you have any suggestions? I'm uber frustrated, because I haven't been able to update my avatar, profile, siggy, etc for MONTHS upon MONTHS. And I want to be able to post our married bio in my siggy in a couple months too!

TIA :)

Re: **Steph0871**

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    I know this is for Steph but one of the FAQs mentioned that this site uses Cookies. So I would double check your internet settings. Make sure you allow them or add this site to trusted sites.
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    Short answer: yes, there are problems.  Yes, The Knot knows about it.  No, I have no suggestions unfortunately.

    Long(er) answer:

    I've been having a ton of problems, too.  Well, i was.  It's not so bad lately, though.  Try completely logging out and back into the website?  I've noticed that I just always stay logged in and I'm probably logged in on at least 4 different computers (oops.)  That seemed to help me a little.

    The cookies thing is probably a good idea, too.  Maybe try using internet explorer instead of firefox or vice versa? You never know. 

    Will you email me some of the error messages you've been getting? ([email protected])  I'll forward them on to see if I can get you any better answers.  

    Sorry I don't have any better suggestions for you right now :(
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    Nope, I tried the cookies.

    I also tried Firefox AND Internet Explorer. Nothing they've suggested has worked.

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    boo.  Sorry about that. I forwarded the email on; I'll let you know what I find out.

    I remember this came up before on the Moderator board.  Have you tried accessing your bio by clicking on your name isntead?  It sounds like sometimes that works?
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    Nope, that doesn't work either :-/

    I've tried EVERYTHING they've suggested, but it's always the same result.

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    You've got (e)mail again!  Are you still having issues?
  • edited December 2011
    Yep, still having the issues. Nothing is working.

    I'm UBER annoyed with TK tech support people right now...
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