Oahu Costco for flowers

I have been trying to work with the costco person which has proved to be very frustrating.  There does not appear to be a price list, etc.  I just get asked what do you want?  but if you don't have an idea of the cost involved it makes it more challenging to answer that question.  Did any of you experienced knotties work thru the Oahu costco for flowers?  I see a lot of positive posts about the Maui one.  Can any one offer me some advice and/or share some prices examples?  I am trying to do a lot on my own to save money, but I am getting very worried. 

I am would like to have some sprays of orchids (either phalenopsis or dendrobiums) to put together a bouquet.  did you get any cattalayea orchids?  or even what did you get thru them and what did you pay??

Thanks for any help on this!

Re: Oahu Costco for flowers

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