TGIF!!!  What's everyone up to this weekend??

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    Tomorrow I have no plans; just general errands, groceries, target, etc.
    Sunday is a post-holiday holiday party with one side of the fam. 

    Since there's no football I'm interested in anymore, no fun football parties.....
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    I hear ya on the football front.  Last Sunday was a very sad day in this house! 

    My cousin (MOH) is coming up from MA tomorrow just to try on a dress.  We went to the DB where she lives and they didn't have it for her to try on.  My fingers are crossed that it works for her.  I'm not a huge fan of mismatched bridesmaids, and everyone loves the dress but she's a bit bigger than the other girls so I'm anxious to see how it works for her.

    Other than that...errands, work (lesson planning and graduate course work), and relaxing.  It is supposed to be coooooooooold on Sunday so I'm hoping to not have to leave the house!
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    We had a snowday at school on Friday, but it wasn't too bad in Auburn in the afternoon, so FI and I went to get him measured for his tux!
    Today we are going ice skating in Augusta with my nieces and nephew. (I have not ice skated since I was a kid on double blades, yikes!)
    Tomorrow we will probably be nursing the bruises we get from falling at the ice rink today, lol.  But, no big plans for Sunday, just relaxing...
    Hope everyone has a great weekend!!
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    Going with my flower girl to try on dresses & my mom is ordering hers!

    Going to classic tuxedo to get that started

    Going to days to order our rings :)

    then tomorow I'm going to sit down with my parents and order invitations!

    Soo many checks should be done this weekend! yayaya!
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    I visited friends yesterday, had a dinner party with another group. It was a nice day/night. Today, I have a TON of studying, but there's also a major bridal show here in Boston and I think the fiance and I are going to attend. 

    :) Happy weekend!
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