Venue Review - The Broetje House

My parents had their 40th wedding anniversary/vow renewal at The Broetje House on Sept 12 and I thought someone might find the review useful.

The place is gorgeous.  The grounds are very English garden, with that "wild but not unkempt" look that takes so much time and effort to achieve.  The inside is nice - nms, as it's more froofy and Victorian than I tend to like, but it's not offensive or ugly, imo.

The venue has tables, chairs, and dishes for use, as well as linens.  You have your choice of table cloth color - I can't remember all the choices but I know burgundy, forest green and ivory were among them - and then they put a lace overlay on.  It's not something I'd normally choose but I was pleasantly surprised.  It looked very nice.

The food was awesome.  Seriously, probably the best roasted turkey I've ever had.  We also had a fantastic ceasar salad with homemade dressing, garlic mashed potatoes, roasted veggies, and prime rib my beef eating husband declared amazing.  Our only problem with the food was the deviled eggs.  I am the deviled egg maker in my family, and I was taught by my grandmother, so you can imagine that we're very used to a certain taste.  Our eggs are much more mustardy and vinegary than the eggs they provided, but that's such a subjective thing. The chef was a super nice guy and was the one who did the prime rib carving for dinner.  They also allowed us to take home any leftover food, as long as we provided our own containers and brought a cooler for transporting.

The owner and her mother were the other two people working the event.  I'll admit, they're a bit rough around the edges, but incredibly nice and helpful.  Both were, in my opinion, underdressed, but I wouldn't let that stop me from using them again.  If we were to do something else there (especially a wedding) I would be sure to ask ahead what their attire was for events such as this to be sure it was appropriate.  Then again, I'm a total control freak and perhaps it wouldn't bother anyone else.  I know my mom, the "bride," really didn't care.

All in all it was a great experience and no one in our family or who attended the party would hesitate to recommend them.

Re: Venue Review - The Broetje House

  • southpaw97209southpaw97209 member
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    What were they wearing that was inappropriate?
  • DramaGeekDramaGeek member
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    Their attire was much more casual than I would have expected.  spring green denim, for example, when the rest of us were in silk and heels.  I guess I expected more caterer type attire - slacks and a blouse vs a chino skirt and twin set.
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