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QOTD (Married ladies)

As the days quickly approach what is your best advice you can give for the last few weeks? I'm trying my best not to stress out, but some things are just getting to me! 

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    My best advice that I can give is to drop something from your to do list.  If it doesn't stop you and your FI from saying "I do" then it's not worth the stress.

    Also, right after the ceremony, if you can find a place, spend just 5 minutes completely alone with your new husband.  You two will not have one moment alone the entire day until all your guests have gone so be selfish and steal those 5 minutes to celebrate your marriage.
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    of  course, it is easier for us to tell you "try" not to stress since we are on the "other" side now, hehe. But, seriosuly, make a list of all the things that still need to be done, then start crossing off the things you can go without and setting small goals of by when they should be accomplished. Always remember, IF by any chance you dont get around to do something ONLY  YOU will know that it didnt happen. your guest will always think everything went according to plan =)
    enjoy the last weeks of being engaged!
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    Going along with what the others said, stop with any projects and give yourself some free time before the wedding. I finished everything 2 weeks before and was able to enjoy myself.

    Also, along with the help of my DOC, the big day was so perfectly scheduled. we gave everybody timelines and all the information they could ever need. That being said, on the big day, I was really calm and everything went smoothly.
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    Don't sweat the small stuff.  Try and put things in perspective.  What may be a huge deal to you right now, may not be if you take a few min to think about the effect it will have on your day (if it's small, it's not likely to put a damper on your wedding day) and just let it go.

    For the day of, make sure to take time for you and your hubs.  As all the pp said, time will fly by and i think it's vital to have just a few intimate moments for the two of you.
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