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What size tables?

We get to pick what size tables we want to use for our reception seating. I've heard so many different things on how many people can fit at each size of table. We have the options of the standard 60" round or the 72" round (or a mixture of both)

To all the married ladies in here, how many people actually fit comfortably at these tables?

I've heard 8 and 10 respectively, but I've also heard 6 or 8 respectively.  I don't want our guests to be uncomfortably close to one another or feel like they are at an empty table. We are trying to plan accordingly so we can order our table linens soon!

Thanks for any advice!

Re: What size tables?

  • 60" = 8

    72" = 10
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  • 60" comfortably fits 10 people, 72" comfortably fits 12 unless they are very large people.
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  • I think the manufacturer's and venue will tell you 8 to 10 respectively, but then people just do 6 to 8 respectively to keep their guests comfortable and not feeling crowded.  I think mixtures of sizes are always nice.  Are you doing table assignments?  Having the different size tables might help when you're planning those out.
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    [QUOTE]60" comfortably fits 10 people, 72" comfortably fits 12 unless they are very large people.
    Posted by lmills730[/QUOTE]

    I don't think that's right.

    We had 8 people at 60" rounds and I wouldn't have tried to put any more.
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  • 60" fits 8 comfortably - I think 10 is pushing it (or if you have smaller people at the table, like kids. I know 10 of my midwestern family wouldn't fit at one!

    72" fits 10 comfortably. 12 is pushing it (at least for my fam)
  • I have worked banquets for a while and thats what we use...but it is definitely up to the bride. its not like less than this would be sparse.
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  • This thread is giving me a headache.. everyone's answers are different. Hehe. OP check this link out (clicky).
  • ya, all venues will tell you something different, and if you google it, you will get a lot of different answers as well.
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  • We mostly had 8 people at our 60" tables.  9 in some cases where a child was involved. 
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  • For me... the last time I was physically at my reception venue for a meeting... I asked to see a table and see how it looked with 10 chairs around it vs. 12 chairs. I'm a visual decision-maker. OP is there any way you could do that?
  • All the wrong answers in this thread are cracking me up. No wonder people get headaches over this stuff. I write about event planning for a living. Conventional wisdom is:

    60 inch table: can seat 8 to 10, but it's best to have 8 (10 gets tight)
    72 inch table: can seat 10-12, but it's best to have 10

    Six people at a 60-inch table is going to look sparse. You could do it for a table or two if that's the way your numbers break, but I wouldn't plan to do it for all tables.
  • Our venue has 60" tables and they told us 8 to 10.  We visited when it was set up and I'll tell you, 10 people at a 60" table was TIGHT.  Like, I'd be uncomfortable if I was sat there (no elbow room).  I'd stick with 8, 9 max.  I agree, 6 will look a bit sparse, but I'd rather have people have more room than be squished together.

    To decide what size tables to use, I'd take your guest list and start putting them in groups.  I have a feeling you will liek a mix of 8 (60") and 10 (72") person tables because of how you want to group people (it gives you more options based on the number of people in your "groups").

    Good luck!
  • 60" does NOT comfortable seat 10. it seats 8--we had 60" tables at our reception, and I couldn't even fit 10 chairs in. 9 chairs was an extremely tight squeeze. 72" seats 10.

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