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Honeymoon - When to book?

Hi Everyone! I wasn't sure if I should post this on the Honeymoon board or here, but I chose here since you ladies are always so helpful!

How far in advance did you book your honeymoon? Also wondering, where did you go, did you use a travel agent and if yes, are you glad you did?

 I was thinking to book this 4ish months before the wedding, but a wedding mag I was reading suggested doing it 10-12 months out... curious on what everyone did (and also slightly day dreaming about a vacation so looking for new ideas to research!) Thanks! :)
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Re: Honeymoon - When to book?

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    We booked our airfare just last month and we are getting married in September.  We are splitting our time between two countries in Europe and are trying to figure out what days/places we want to visit before we book our hotel(s).  I've been keeping an eye on prices and they haven't changed much.  We are booking everything ourselves using various travel websites (Expedia, Travelocity, etc).

    Truthfully, if we had booked our honeymoon last year, we'd have been in Florida and not heading to Europe.

    Good luck!
  • aimers1525aimers1525 member
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    I think we finished everything by February and our wedding was May 14th. I guess it just depends on if you have to save money or whatever. We didn't use a travel agent.
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    We booked about a 9-10 months in advance, to Spain in July.  We used a travel agent and are super happy we did--the prices she got us are lower than trying to book everything separately through the internet, it was much easier, and she already booked us for a couple of different things we knew we wanted to do there. I guess if you are going to one place in the US, you may not need one, but if you are travelling around in an unfamiliar country and don't know anything about the hotels, etc., then I would definitely use one.
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    We just booked a cruise for December. It depends a lot on when you are traveling- we waited too long to make a decision and missed out on going on our first choice because of it.
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  • Jami86eJami86e member
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    book as soon as possible. if you use apple vacations and get the insurance ($120 per person...covers EVERYTHING) and the price goes down after you book it they give you the lower price. even if it goes down several times you get it everytime. we used tammy at lake zurich travel and cruise and she was absolutely wonderful. we stayed at the valentin imperial maya in rivera maya (next to cancun). it's adults only, all inclusive, no limit on meals or anything. they had about 12 different restaurants. they also had thousands and thousands of people there, but the property is so large and spread out it was always very quiet and peaceful 
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