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South Carolina-Charleston


Hello ladies!  I've never posted on these boards before but I'm getting married in May, 2012 and I haven't done a single thing.  I live in Charlotte, NC but we'd like to get married on the beach or maybe the dock in Charleston.  I literally don't know the first thing about Charleston.  My fiance' knows it well but that doesn't really help me much.  This is super low budget... like we want something just me, him, a few friends and family (like a handful of people if that) and a person to marry us and that's it.  Nothing fancy, nothing major.  Just a I do, he does, and then we all go have dinner somewhere.  My issue is that none of the wedding planners or wedding websites really help people plan things that small.  Basically we're looking for a elopement but with a few friends and family in attendance.  Anyone know of any resources or good places that I could do this in Charleston?  Seriously any help at all would be hugely appreciated!

thank you!
Leslie Miller (soon to be Leslie Taylor! Laughing)

Re: Help!

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    I would start with a Google search:


    And go from there. If you get married on the pier, or even the gazebo at the Battery, you will most likely need a permit. The places in the search can best tell you what you will need. And can help with details, such as the marriage license, officiant, and permits.

    And I'm pretty sure some of the other girls can help with some details as well. Good Luck!
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    Hi Leslie- Check us out! We've been doing weddings now for 20+ yrs. My husband thinks I should become a wedding planner, but I am a professional college degree photographer.  We are offering $595 2 hrs. + FREE WEDDING OFFICIANT!

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    Contact Mobile Marriage.  We used one of their officiants but they can also help with some planning.  I have seen super small (like less than 10 people which is what I think you are talking about) ceremonies in the Waterfront Park, which is in downtown Charleston.  There is a pretty pineapple fountain that you could get married in front of with the harbour right behind you.  You may need a permit from the City of Charleston though, but I think the fee is pretty minimal for that site. 

    Be sure to have a back up plan because of weather.  The weather can go from gorgeous and sunny to torrential downpour here pretty quick.  If you choose a nice enough restaurant with a private room then you could just hold the ceremony in the dining room if you do get rained out.  We had our reception in McCrady's Gallery Dining Room and it is a gorgeous space.  Might be too big for you, but they do have a smaller private dining room downstairs I think.  Another fabulous restaurant (which is very close to Waterfront Park) is Carolina's and I am pretty sure they have a private room as well.

    Also you should know that to get your marriage license here there is a 24 hour waiting period.  So if you are getting married on Saturday, you need to apply by Thursday to pick it up on Friday.  I think some destination brides have checked into mailing the application in so they can just pick it up when they get to town.

    Good luck!
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    Hey, I am planning a wedding under $6000. There are a lot of resources, message me if you still need some help.
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    I literally just did almost this exact same thing. Planning from FL for less than 40 people.

    We got our park permit early (months ago!) but they only require two weeks. We're planning on standing by or in the walk through fountain in Waterfront Park. We reserved a big room at High Cotton for the reception, but our first choice was SNOB (they can only accommodate groups up to eight people) and there are lots of INCREDIBLE restaurants downtown. For all vendors I used TK and google, found web reviews and narrowed it down that way before our recon trip to save time.

    It's really not as difficult to do as it seems, and it can TOTALLY be done on a tight budget. In fact, the smaller you keep your ceremony, the easier it is.  Good luck!!!!
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