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Second Weddings

Local reception after destination wedding?

Second wedding for both of us, so we have opted to do a destination.  We're inviting people to join us at our destination; however, most responses seem to be no (we're getting married on Anguilla and the resort is somewhat pricey).
Should we throw a reception in our home town after we get back, and how much of a party should it be? 
Don't worry, we're not gift-grubbers, any invitation would request no gifts, so that's not the impetus behind a local party.

Re: Local reception after destination wedding?

  • Have a reception if you want, not because you're obligated.
  • I think an at home reception after a destination wedding is fine.  It should be close to the time of your return home.  Please do not designate "no gifts please" on your invitations, as any mention at all of gifts is in poor taste.  Rather, send that via word of mouth. ~Donna
  • Donna is correct; any mention of gifts on an invitation is not correct, even to say NO GIFTS.  

    We did a destination wedding, and had intended to have an at home reception, but just never got around to it. 
    image Don't mess with the old dogs; age and treachery will always overcome youth and skill! BS and brilliance only come with age and experience.
  • I'm not sure how crucial the timing is. If it's a month or 3 later I'd still want to celebrate with friends/family who had a wedding I couldn't attend. If waiting means you can plan better (or recover from your wedding/honeymoon) then I think it's ok. :-)
  • My opinion is that the longer you wait, the less inclined your guests will be to attend. 
  • You don't have to throw a party in your home town, but you can if you like.  And it can be pretty much anything from an informal party at home to something that is close to a wedding reception.  As others have said, though, don't say anything about gifts in the invitation, even if it is "no gifts."
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