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Happy Memorial Day weekend

I have the whole weekend off and so far it's been great. Spent a couple hours on the boat yesterday and will spend a couple more out there today. Nothing wedding related this weekend for me just going to relax and enjoy! Have a great day ladies! And congrats again Amy!!
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Re: Happy Memorial Day weekend

  • Thanks, girl!  We are at the Four Seasons for another night tonight.  H is sleeping in right now so I've got some time to do some posting. :)  Glad you had the weekend off and are just using it to relax -- you deserve it!
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    I'm back in Montague county for the weekend, just relaxing and doing a lot of running and biking. Today we're going out to my dad's air strip to clock how fast our dog can run. So yeah.... real productive.....
    We have been knocking out a bunch of thank you cards, which is nice. And I guess working on my tan is WR...
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