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PSA--Postage Increase

I just wanted to let everyone know that the price of stamps is going to increase on Saturday April 17th. I found out from the DIY board and thought I would pass on the info. The price of regular (44 cent) stamps will remain the same. But, the 61 cent wedding stamps that most everyone needs to use for invitations is going up to 64 cents. This is only truly problematic for people who already purchased their stamps (like myself), but planned to actually mail invitations in a few weeks. I called the post office and they will not refund the price of the 61 cent stamps in order to buy the 64 cent ones. The only options are to mail them before Saturday or to add 3 cent stamps to the envelope to make up the difference (however, that would defeat the purpose of using the pretty wedding cake stamps in the first place!) I hope this helps you all out..because I was shocked that the post office wouldn't have told me about this last week when I was buying them!

Re: PSA--Postage Increase

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    Thanks for letting us know! :) I can't wait to send mine out! Going to the post office tomorrow to get them weighed!
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