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Save The Dates

When did you send out your Save the Dates for a destination wedding?

I'm not too concerned about all the guests booking rooms at hotels, but I am concerned about everyone getting their passports on time.  I'm not sure how many of the thirteen people invited already have one or how recently they were renewed.  I know times have changed so I want to give everyone ample time.

My fiance thinks they should already be out, my parents want them out in May, and I'm thinking more like June or July*.  The wedding is May 2011.

Thanks for any help!

* And ten months seems excessive to me.  But, I'm getting all kinds of pressure to get the info out!

Re: Save The Dates

  • We sent them about 10 months in advance. Our wedding is in Nov 2010 and we sent out STDs in February to give everyone plenty of time to book and get their documents. 
  • We sent our out 15 months in advance.  Personally, we wanted guests to have enough time to save and get time off if they really wanted to come.
    And then just fyi... we're mailing our formal invites out 6 months in advance.  With desitnation weddings you have to give your guests more time than a local wedding.
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  • I sent mine out 10 months in advance.  I figured the one year mark was the earliest I would send them but 10 was fine.  Everyone appreciated having enough notice to start tracking flights and figure out vacation days with work.
  • Thanks everyone!  I'll put them together soon...

    And Kahtie - I love your dress! :)
  • Thank you!  I really appreciate the responses...

    People keep asking for details and I'm like "dude, we won't leave you hanging.  You'll get every lovely detail from my fiance and me in plenty of time."  I guess you're right - they're just excited! 

    I am, too!  But putting together all the STDs (with travel info, a welcome letter, lots of info about Bermuda) is time consuming and I haven't had it yet.  I'll make the time now!

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    Hey, how are you guys?  im getting married @ Beaches OF Turks &  Caicos...  Were very excited, loved your dress. one thing i know is thatyou  really have 2 get  measured right... the dress falls so different on everyone ....  im also with the knot.. we just started our web site, need 2 still up load some pic... wanted 2 know was your dress heavy at all especially knowing that you did it on the beach? was it like a flowing kind of gown? i see some have that skirt or slip at the bottom which im sure makes it have more sit out & more full?  and its better 2 send the save the dates out way be 4 the wedding day as well?  thank you so much ....

  • We're sending ours out about 10 months before as well! Then our invites will go out about 6 months before. Trying to give guests plenty of time to save & decide if they can go!
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  • I am also getting married in May 2011 and am sending ours out May 1st!!! Yay!
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