So - taking eighteen credit hours in Nursing school and planning a wedding = NOT A GOOD Combo.

Can I just say I absolutely HATE my Pharmacology class? The amount of detail necessary to pass quizzes in this class is beyond reasonable IMO.

I mean - just keeping track of which diuretics belong to which class and where those particular classes begin to work is hard enough - BUT also trying to remember all the side effects, adverse effects, the phys. mechanisms behind the result! Ugh! Shoot me!!
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    ugh. I get to start pharm here at the end of February. I am so not looking forward to it. All of my friends who have gone through it struggled too but said it came together in the end. Good luck!
  • Morning ladies! Well, I have to say, I have 3 weeks left of schooling and then I get my Associates in Respiratory Therapy...But that is besides the point, I know how you feel about classes you don't like. When I was taking my core classes and we started Cardiopulmonary Anatomy and Physiology, I wanted to pull my hair out!!!! I love the heart and how it works, but it was frustrating everything we had to learn and what drugs worked and did not work! But with being recently engaged (Sept.'11), I planned/booked the major big details for our wedding. Like the church, venue and photographer. I am making the rest wait until I am finished and have taken my State and National Boards.
    I know exactly how you ladies feel and it gets better. Just think, we will all be marrying our best friends after we all finish school...And congrats to the ladies that are doing it during school! =)
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    haha, I've forgotten all of that. When I have to figure out if a medication is allowed on a patient's clinical trial, I pull out my iPhone, fire up Epocrates and read all of the info I need.

  • Not sure why but I really loved pharmacology in nursing school.  Now I am slaving away at pathophisiology for my grad program while planning a wedding.  Not fun.
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  • I give you a lot of credit. When I was in nursing school I had a few friends who were planning weddings and I honestly don't know how they handled it all!!!
  • i feel your pain! this is my second semester the nursing program and i am studying for pharmacology right now for my first test on wednesday. it is so much information :/
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