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So im gonna do cup cake towers for my wedding and do a small cake tier for me and aj. I need cupcake flavors and ideas! Our Colors are Green, Pink, and white =) I wanna do a 31 flavors theme. So i need 31 flavors of cupcakes hahah Help!
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Re: Cupcake Tower

  • 31 flavors is a heck of a lot of cupcakes! I would probably do mini cupcakes in case people want to try multiple flavors (and they will)

    For green cupcakes you could do key lime, mint, pistachio, green tea, green velvet, things like that. White is pretty versatile. Classic white, vanilla bean, white chocolate coconut, almond... you're almost unlimited there. Pink could be strawberry, raspberry, cotton candy, pink lemondae, strawberries and champagne....

    And of course you could always just slap a basic colored buttercream onto any cupcake flavor.

    31 flavors sounds so overwhelming. I know I would want to try them all!
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  • Good idea! Thanks!
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  • 31 flavors is a lot!  If you are going to do that, I'd make sure you really think through the set up logistics since you may need a buffet type spread.  Guests may want to see all the options before selecting - which could make serving cupcakes more complicated.  With that many flavors, you could also use mini cupcake displays as table centerpieces.  Either way, definitely plan for more than one cupcake per guest.

    To play up 31 but not have thirty-one different varieties, you might want to think about creative ways to represent 31 - maybe 31 cupcake wrapper designs but fewer flavors.  Or something like 3 flavors of cupcake (Barbiiieee has great ideas) and with one flavor of frosting - like green tea, vanilla and strawberry cupcakes all with vanilla frosting or green velvet, red velvet and white with strawberry frosting.  GL!

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    Are you making them yourself or having someone else make them?  Since it looks like you're in Seattle, start looking at all the cupcake websites in the area for flavor ideas - I swear, we have more cupcake stores in Seattle than doctors.

    Something worth considering if you're making all of these on your own is that it would be quite a chore.  The shelf life is typically only a few days for cupcakes so if you're making that many flavors, you're going to be pretty busy just days before the wedding and I'm sure you'll have plenty of other things to do than bake!
  • Wow, 31 is a lot! I like the PP ideas of trying to incorporate that number in another way. We had 3 flavors & I made a sign explaining each. A lot more people than you realize have food allergies & intolerances, so it would be kind of provide that so your guests know. To do that for 31 flavors would be a huge board! I also hope that you're having these made for you. Baking that many just sounds way too time consuming.
  • I second (or third) the mini-cupcake idea!  If you put out a variety of flavors, most people will want to try several!  Allow for this in your final cupcake count as PP said.

    To get the 31 flavors and to accommodate your guests possible dietary restricitions, you could repeat some of the flavors in gluten-free, non-dairy, vegan, etc.  (for example:  vanilla bean, gluten-free vanilla bean, vegan vanilla bean, etc.)

    Other flavor ideas:  nut flavors (almond, hazelnut) pair very well with fruit filling/frosting (raspberry or cherry, to stick with pink colors).   Italian cream cake, hummingbird cake, red velvet or carrot cake with cream cheese frosting would work, and don't neglect chocolate!  31 cupcake flavors with no chocolate would be very sad!  Consider mint frosting for green, and "chocolate covered cherry" could be a pink option.  And I *love* the idea of a green tea cupcake!  Include some basic flavors, too -- white, yellow and/or chocolate with basic buttercream for those who may not want to be adventurous.

    Be sure to label the flavors in case of food allergies!  And so all your guests can enjoy exploring their options before picking the ones they want to try.
  • How many cupcakes/guests will you be serving? I agree with PPs that you might want to do miny cupcakes since you would like to do the 31 flavors idea. 
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