Plus size boudoir photos?

Hey ya'll!

I scheduled a boudoir photo shoot as a surprise wedding gift for my fiance. I was very excited about it but now I am starting to get nervous and chicken out! As a plus size bride there aren't many examples of boudoir photos. Most websites have girls that look like supermodels. If you feel comfortable, please post your plus size boudoir photos! I need a little encouragement to go through with this. Thank you =)

Re: Plus size boudoir photos?

  • I don't have any boudoir photos, but I think you should go for it! You obviously want to do it because you signed up for it - now you just need to follow through!

    No one says you have to prance around fully nude in front of a photographer, wear something that you will be comfortable in (I know some girls wear oversized men's dress shirts over boy shorts). I think you'll be fine once the photographer gets started and you'll be happy you did it in the end :)
  • I love this woman's photography, she takes amazing pictures of women of all sizes. It might give you some ideas of what you would like?
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  • I think I googled "plus size boudoir photography" when I was first looking into it, and I found a bunch of examples. 

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  • Do it! I got talked out of it (laughed at my my mother) and I regret it!
  • I have my photo shoot scheduled for July 13, I can't wait!!!  I love my curves and I'd be happy to share my pics when I get them!  Do it, you will love it and so will he!
  • I say go for it!!  If your FI likes a sports team you could always wear a jersery!  I am sure that it will be fun!  I def want to do them this time.  You can be sexy and not trachy!  :)

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  • Here is a Pinterest board with a collection of poses and drapings that flatter cuvy bodies.   :)  GO for it!!
  • I've been married to my husband going on 4 months now. We never got the chance to have engagement pictures done but I was thinking about doing a boudoir photo shoot. I am a size 18 well you could say plus size... but I was wondering if anyone know of any places that will do this near Sioux City, IA?

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