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I mentioned I would post about my interviews with Amanda Williams and with Town Square Photo. I had heard Amanda was very nice and she was great. She has nice work, great prices and clearly enjoys what she does. There were a few things about some of her work I wasn't real fond of but I can't say they were bad. Just missing something I was looking for or maybe not exactly my style or the effects I was looking for. But overall she is one I would consider having photograph my wedding.
I had also heard good things about Town Square Photo. I was really impressed with their work also and how organized they seem to be. They are a husband and wife owners but I have the option of having just Jeff photograph my wedding at a lower price or Jeff and Alicia together.
They do something called digital bundling which gives me the option of buying any number of digital images between 1 and all available photos. Jeff said they started doing this because after contacting many of their past clients asking how often they used their digital DVD's to make prints that a large number of their clients never used the DVD for prints. Mainly because they were happy having the albums they design.
It was an interesting approach I have never heard of and saves a lot of money.
I could get Jeff and Alicia as my photographer with a nice large album, engagement session, and slideshow for less than Amanda.
So I really have to consider if I want or need all the images from my wedding on a disk or would I be happy just picking out my favorites and purchasing those and saving a lot of money in the long run. Maybe saving as much as $500.
I am kind of leaning in that direction. I mean why pay for 1000 images if I don't have the need for them. Jeff said they keep the images indefinitely so it's not like I can't change my mind. Another strong point was that after 3 years Town Square will lower the price if I were to make the choice to buy all the images.
A lot to think about here.

Re: choice for photographer

  • I have only spoken with one photographer so far and am not even close to making a decision. But I love the idea of only buying the images on a disk that I know I will make prints of and saving money by doing so.
    I googled Town Square Photo and found their website and I love the photos that are on the website.
    It's a large site with a lot to go through.
    I was looking through photos with friend of mine after her wedding and there were photos from the reception of many people her parents had invited. She barely knew them but ended up paying to have the digital images of people she didn't even know. Paying less and getting what I really want seems like a no-brainer. 
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