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Groom's sisters as additional bridesmaids but standing on groom's side?

Has anyone ever heard or had additional bridesmaids (groom's sisters) stand in the place of groomsmen but maybe wore different color dresses (maybe black to match tuxes)?  I want 5 bridesmaids.  He wants 3 groomsmen but would also like his 2 sisters part of the wedding.  Does this sound weird?  Has anyone else ever done this before?

Re: Groom's sisters as additional bridesmaids but standing on groom's side?

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    That's becoming much more common and is not at all strange.  You can call them groomswomen, groom's attendants, etc.  They can wear black dresses, another one of your wedding colors or the same dress as the bridesmaids - that's really up to them and your FI.
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    This is very common and very normal
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    Not at all unique or uncommon.  WPs are no longer about symmetry or gender.

    So his sisters can be attendants for either one of you.  If you have more BMs than GMs:  so what?

    If he has his sisters on his side, so what?

    And now that we've moved blessedly forward on mixed gender and asymmetrical sides, let's also move forward on the fact that the color of the attire on each side has to match also.

    His sister's can wear the same color dresses as the BMs do.  They can wear black.  They can wear yet another color.  I mean, as long as we're finally being progressive, let's really move into a more intelligent mindset!
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    If they're on his side, they're his attendants and not bridesmaids.

    My brother stood on my side, a female friend of DH stood on his.  Totally fine.
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    Yes, if they stand on his side they are not your bridesmaids. They are members of the Wedding Party but you can call them either groom's attendants or groomswomen. I actually prefer groom's attendants as it's a nice, gender neutral term - and in the spirit of the more progressive nature of Wedding Parties these days where it's very common to see mixed-gender sides.

    Lurk a little on this board and you'll learn that it's becoming quite common and not as unusual as you might think.
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    My best friend's husband is a twin. His sister stood up for him at the wedding. She wore an identical dress to myself and the other two attendants on the bride's 'side' but stood on the groom's 'side' with the other two groomsmen.

    If you go with uneven that's fine too...

    My FI is having only his brother stand up for him and I'm having my two best friends (both as MoH because there's no way I could choose between them).

    There's no right or wrong when it comes to the wedding party. Do what suits you and your FI the best. Smile
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    MY Fi is having his sister on his side and she's wearing the same bridesmaid's dress but in black.  She will have a bouquet, too.
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