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Hi Ladies,
Haven't been on in quite a while, but I have some items from my October 2009 wedding for sale. I'm cleaning out the office and need more space, so I'm willing to take any offers on these items (DH has threatened to throw it all out, and I hate to see perfectly good things get trashed). You an contactl me at sun_angel79 at yahoo dot com.  TIA!

Pew bows = $15.00: I have 18 pew bows, including pew clips. They are made of ribbons in golden colors, and include fall leaves. See photo at bottom of post.

Silk flowers/leaf garlands = $50 OBO: I have several fall leaf garlands, as well as various silk flowers in burgundies and other fall colors (dahlias, sunflowers, etc.).  I used all of these to drape on the stairwell at regency lodge. I think I originally bought all of these items for about $200 at Hobby Lobby (including 50%-off sale), so these are all pretty nice quality.

Shoes = $25: Caparros Ethel in ivory silk, size 10. I loved these shoes, but don't ever see myself wearing ivory shoes again. If I can't sell them, I might pay to get them dyed.

Pew bows:


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