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Wedding Day Transportation

Hi Girls!   I need some help with transportation on my wedding day---- what did you guys decide to do for your transportation?  What companies did you use?   Does anyone know any person who may just rent out a vintage car that isnt an actual company?  I was looking to have someone drive us in a "getaway car" but the few limo places i have contacted have 3 and 4 hour minimums!  We just need them to pick us up at 11:30 after the reception and take us home-- about 10 minutes away.  The reception is at a plantaion so I would love a vintage car :)  Did you provide transportation for your wedding party from the ceremony to the reception?   We need a bus/ trolley and the few i have found are $500+.   It just seems like a waste of money since they will be driving less than 5 miles to the reception site.  Any suggestions?   My main concern is the getway car--- i dont want to have to worry about driving home on my wedding night!   Thanks for your help!

Re: Wedding Day Transportation

  • Cherry0109Cherry0109 member
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    We rented a Limo- It picked me and my BMs up from where we got ready  and brought us to the church then it took  Me and H and our wedding party from the church to the reception site- we had a small wedding party so it was 8 poeple in the limo from the church to the recpetion.  We had someone bring our car to the recption site before the wedding for us so we had it there to leave after the wedding. We did not find it was worth the cost to have a "get away car".  We both drank at the recpetion but we drank responsibly and were able to drives ourselves.
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    We're going to rent a nice getaway car from Hertz. FI isn't a big drinker and will likely just have a couple of glasses of champagne the whole night. So a designated driver isn't really necessary for us.
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    Hi! Were you able to find anyone with a vintage getaway car? I'm also looking for a vendor. Thanks!
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