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Bridesmaids Sari Blouses

I have non-Indian bridesmaids (3) who I need to get sari blouses for. What do I do when I go to India to get them made? All of the stores here tell me I have to get a sari purchased here in order to get a blouse piece made. Have any of you run into this issue?

Re: Bridesmaids Sari Blouses

  • I have never heard of that, it seems like the stores are just trying to drum up more business for themselves.

    I didn't watch this video - but maybe it will help you get the measurements that will be needed for the blouse?

  • If we get a US wedding I was planning on having Ryan pick me up saris in India and bring them with him. My plan was just for him to ask the sari people there what measurements are needed and then get them for my girls. (If we only have an Indian wedding I may not have bridesmaids b/c all my girls are here and Ryan has no sisters or brothers for that matter.)

    Remember to get measurements in centimeters though lol...

    I'm sure there's a store in India that will sell you just the blouse.
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  • Oh the sari blouse headache!

    Well, for our wedding MIL asked me to mail her a sari blouse that fit me.  This may just be my ILs, but they don't think women should get measured by a person, so they will only take a garment to the tailor.

    This does not work.  It requires that 1) the American owns a sari blouse already or something that fits like that; or 2) a ready-made blouse would fit an actual human (why are the breasts pointed?) and 3) that the tailor can replicate the fit, which in my case they could not.

    If you decide to get them made from measurements in India, make sure there's a generous inside seem.  Mine didn't and I have already let them out fully and they're still tight.
  • They will have a LOT of space in them, just in case!

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